May 2020

How to Create Engaging and Compelling Chatbot Scripts

2020-05-28T16:46:37+02:00May 28th, 2020|

Guest post by Erica Sunarjo, writer and blogger.   While still in their toddler years, chatbots are becoming commonplace. Why? Because one of the driving forces of marketing and CRM today is to have more conversations with customers. Conversation can create a closer “relationship” between a customer and a brand, even if it is only [...]

Chatbot FAQs – The Most Common Chatbot Questions Answered!

2020-05-29T11:18:41+02:00May 8th, 2020|

Over the past couple of years, we have implemented more than 60 successful chatbot projects for medium and large-sized businesses from various industries ranging from energy, tourism, financial service providers, education to IT service help desks and more. Our team quickly noticed that there are certain questions that potential and existing customers ask over and over [...]

April 2020

How to Know When to Use Chatbots vs. Live Chat

2020-04-30T16:25:03+02:00April 28th, 2020|

Guest post by Ashley Lipman, content marketing specialist.    There are many things that go into a successful business. You need a quality product or service, good marketing, and intelligent team of employees and a strong brand. However, one of the most underrated parts of most successful businesses is customer service.   There is no [...]

Using Knowledge Graphs To Optimize Chatbot Conversations  

2020-04-23T15:18:01+02:00April 23rd, 2020|

    Chatbots today are already so powerful that they are able to play an essential role in a modern customer service organisation. Nevertheless, sometimes their answers still seem rather awkward. Knowledge Graphs, however, can be used to provide significantly better answers.   Google and Facebook both use them, and numerous other big [...]

Google Meena, Samsung Neon & the Future of Artificial Interactions

2020-04-16T10:09:14+02:00April 16th, 2020|

Guest post by Kate Lynch, a business and digital marketing blogger.   In late January this year, Google unveiled Project Meena, an “end-to-end, neural conversational model”. With a groundbreaking new architecture (“Transformer seq2seq”), Google claims that Meena represents the next stage in the evolution of chatbots.         Only a couple [...]

AI Is Changing Customer Experience:  Are You On Board?

2020-04-09T17:15:27+02:00April 9th, 2020|

Guest post by Heidi Thiel, writer and content creator.   Your customers are more digitally savvy than ever, and they expect your company to provide service that is convenient and personalized. AI can make that happen.    “By 2025, as many as 95 percent of all customer interactions will be through channels supported by artificial [...]

March 2020

Why Enterprises Should Invest in AI and Automation

2020-03-26T12:30:22+01:00March 26th, 2020|

Guest post by Natasha Lane, digital marketing & IT writer.   Neither AI nor automation are new players in the game – both have been around the block a couple of times, and both have proven their worth several times over.    However, there is much we have yet to grasp in terms of the [...]

Conversational AI (Part 2) – What Does The Future Hold In Store? 

2020-03-19T11:58:52+01:00March 19th, 2020|

Picking up from where we left off with part one of this blog series - "Conversational AI - What Is It & Where Are We At Today?", here are the most important benefits, challenges and limitations and our thoughts on the future of Conversational AI.      Important benefits of Conversational AI   These are [...]

Conversational AI (Part 1) – What Is It & Where Are We At Today? 

2020-03-12T14:23:06+01:00March 12th, 2020|

“Conversational AI” is a term that has been gaining momentum in the context of chatbots and voice assistants over the past few years. But what does it mean exactly? What advantages does Conversational AI have for businesses and how can we make use of this technology?   In this article, we want to investigate these [...]

How to Use Artificial Intelligence in SEO [2020 Updates]

2020-03-27T11:10:35+01:00March 5th, 2020|

Guest post by Mike Khorev, SEO expert and digital marketing consultant.     Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the major buzzword in the digital marketing world for the past few years, mainly due to the rapid advancements in machine learning technologies.   AI is now a relatively familiar idea among marketers, and it’s no longer [...]

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