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Guest post by Jessica Fender. 

New chatbot and voice assistant trends emerge every day. And whether you are an expert or newbie in this field, it might be challenging for you to stay up-to-date with industry developments. 

To keep up with the latest trends, you should use the top resources to learn about chatbots and voice assistants. 

Here is a list of the best Conversational AI resources that are worth your attention.


Why is it important to choose the right resources to learn about chatbots and voice assistants?

There are lots of blogs and podcasts that cover topics related to chatbots and voice assistants. However, not many of them provide high-quality content and can be considered trustworthy sources of data. So you shouldn’t trust the first article/podcast you come across. 

You need to define reliable resources and use them to make informed business decisions. 

We’ve written this article to help you with this task.


7 resources you need to learn about chatbots and voice assistants

This list includes blogs, podcasts, and newsletters. Some of them create content for solely English-speaking or German-speaking audiences; others offer content in more than one language. 

Let’s talk about the benefits of each of these resources in more detail. 


IBM Watson blog

The IBM Watson blog discusses topics related to chatbots, AI trends, cognitive technologies, conversational AI strategies, and many more. If you check the Watson blog, you will find independent market studies as well as inspirational stories of how AI transforms the world. This resource will be useful for everyone from experts in chatbot development to entrepreneurs who want to make their businesses more innovative.

IBM Watson blog is available in English, German, Spanish, French, and other languages. If you are not an English native speaker, you can access content in your native language. 


Sophie Hundertmark’s chatbot blog and podcast

Sophie Hundertmark is an independent chatbot consultant. She helps companies from banking, construction, and other fields to build effective chatbots. Her previous and current customers include UBS , Raiffeisen Group, WIR Bank, Helvetia Versicherung Schweiz, and Baloise SoBa.

Sophie created a blog and podcast to share her knowledge with others. In her articles, she discusses a great variety of topics from the six-stage model of conversational AI design to chatbot trends in the post-Covid era. Also, she shares case studies of her clients. 

In her podcast episodes, Sophie discusses the pros and cons of chatbots with her colleagues and customers. Each “Chatbot talk with Sophie” lasts from 15 to 40 minutes. It’s worth mentioning that articles and podcasts are available in German only. blog and podcast

If you’re interested in learning more about voice assistants, check this blog. Here you will find tons of content about Alexa, Google Assistant, and other voice industry leaders. Every day Voicebot’s editors add a few new articles to the blog, so if you subscribe, you will keep up with all the current trends. 

If you prefer to listen to podcasts, check the Voicebot podcast and enjoy interviews with founders and CEOs of speech and voice recognition companies. The average podcast episode length is about an hour.


AiThority blog

AiThority is another excellent resource to learn about chatbots and voice assistants and everything in between. This blog provides the following types of content:

  • Industry news and press releases
  • Interviews with industry experts
  • Insights shared by AiThority writers
  • How-to articles written by guest writers

You can subscribe to AiThority’s newsletters and choose whether you want to receive emails daily or weekly.


Chatbot Journal

The Chatbot Journal is a blog that covers all possible topics related to chatbots, voice assistants, and tech trends in business. 

Most of this blog’s articles are contributed by guest writers, experts from different fields, including software engineers, marketers, strategic managers, and HR specialists. So keep in mind that the opinions expressed within the content are solely the author’s and do not reflect the views of the editors of Chatbot Journal. 

This Medium-based blog is growing fast. Editors publish two-three new articles every week. The language of this blog is English.


Chatbots Life

Are you already aware of the benefits that chatbots and voice assistants provide? Do you want to learn more about the technology and bot development process? If so, the Chatbots Life blog, also based on Medium, is a great resource for you.

This blog covers the basics of chatbot and voice assistant building. Here you can find articles that explain what natural language processing (NLP) is, what conversational marketing is, and how to design a human-centered chatbot. All content is written in English. 

Last but not least, Onlim also offers great resources to learn about Conversational AI.


Onlim blog

The Onlim blog is another great blog about chatbots, voice assistantsce, and conversational AI. It offers in-depth articles that explain how chatbots can boost customer service, marketing, sales, and HR performance. 

If you are a business owner who knows little or nothing about chatbots and voice assistantsce, Onlim blog is a must-read for you. You will get answers to the most common chatbot FAQs and also find helpful further resources if you want to dive deeper into the topic of chatbots for business or the role of knowledge graphs in conversation optimisation of chatbots.

Onlim publishes articles every two weeks. So make sure to check this blog on a regular basis. Articles are available in two languages, English and German.

Conversational AI newsletter by Onlim

If you don’t want to miss important updates, you can subscribe to the Conversational AI newsletter and get the latest content delivered right to your inbox.  You will receive one email per week. Each email will include the best tips and tricks about chatbots and voice assistants for your growing business.

You can subscribe to newsletters in English or newsletters in German.


Wrapping up

Today we are witnessing explosive growth in the popularity of voice assistants and chatbots. As a business owner, you need to dive into this topic and find a way to benefit from this trend. 

The good news is that you don’t have to be a tech expert to understand how chatbots and voice assistants work. Just use the Conversational AI resources we mentioned on this list. They will allow you to learn the fundamentals and, eventually, achieve outstanding success.


Author’s bio:

Jessica Fender is a professional marketer and a content writer. If you ever wondered, “I wish someone would write my thesis for me“, she is one of those professional academic level writers that will save you time and your degree. She enjoys the beach, martial arts, and literature.

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