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Revolution in legal research

In today's digital world, the abundance of information is both a blessing and a challenge. Especially in the legal field, where extensive databases need to be searched and precise information found, efficient search and retrieval tools are crucial. Large [...]

6 Chatbot Use Cases By Industry

Guest post by Ashwini Dave, digital marketing expert.  Artificial Intelligence has evolved to become the harbinger of a shift in the business communications arena. What problems does a chatbot solve? And which chatbot use cases can be found in [...]

The Best Chatbot Use Cases From Different Industries

The world is undergoing a major transformation. Conversational AI and chatbots have established themselves as effective communication channels for businesses over the past few years. Chatbots, when used correctly, can mean huge benefits for businesses in communicating with their [...]

Voice Technology: Its Effect On Online Retail

Guest post by Michael Deane. Just a decade ago, AI voice assistants were nothing short of science fiction. Today, they have become a part of our everyday lives. The use of voice technology in the online retail sector is [...]

7 Most Effective Healthcare Chatbots

As technology continues to grow, so does that of healthcare organizations. Now, patients can actually use healthcare services outside the doctor’s office at their convenience. Artificial intelligence has already made its way into healthcare with innovative things like chatbots. [...]

How Will eCommerce Benefit from Chatbots?

Guest post by John Edwards. Chatbots are nothing new in the world of eCommerce. The main reason why chatbots are so popular is that such technologies as artificial intelligence and machine learning evolve at a rapid pace. As a [...]