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Why should you combine ChatGPT with Knowledge Graphs?

January 26th, 2023|artificial intelligence, Automation, Chatbots & AI, ChatGPT, conversational ai|

ChatGPT, a huge language model developed by OpenAI, has revolutionized the area of natural language generation by its ability to generate human-like text. However, like any machine learning model, it has its limitations. One of the limitations of ChatGPT is its lack of understanding of the context and background knowledge of the text it generates. For example, if asked to write about a specific topic, it may generate text that is grammatically correct but lacks the depth and nuance of an expert in that field. Another limitation is its inability to reason and make logical connections between different concepts. While it can generate text that flows logically, it lacks the ability to make inferences and draw conclusions based on the information it has been provided. One way to [...]


What are chatbots and how do they work?

November 23rd, 2023|chatbots|

In recent years, the term "chatbot" has become increasingly common due to the growing interest and public attention towards artificial intelligence and automated systems. With the hype surrounding ChatGPT, many people are now familiar with the term, but what [...]

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