5 Ways Voice Assistants Will Change The Tourism Industry

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What are the most popular tourist attractions in the city? What transport options are available? And at what time is the checkout?   While traveling countless questions and problems can come up that need to [...]

The Latest Studies On Chatbots, Voice Assistants & AI

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Chatbots, voice assistants and AI are often hyped as technologies that will fundamentally change the way companies work. But how does reality actually look like?   The following article summarizes the most important studies to [...]

Master Social Media – Part 1: Facebook Marketing

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Social media marketing is gaining more and more complexity as there are always new options added and user behaviour being in a constant evolution. Narrowing down on the right strategy for Facebook can feel like [...]

Improve Your Marketing Strategy by Using Data Analytics

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Guest Post by Claudia Paisley Propp, Writer at Bizzmark blog   In the past, digital marketing was governed by people who made decisions based on their gut feeling. Depending on their ability to empathize with the customer [...]

Live Chat – A First Step Towards Conversational Interfaces

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Automated and personalized direct communication between businesses and their clients via text or voice interfaces will be one of the future major trends.   This shift will also change the user behavior and hence the [...]

The Customer Experience Of The Future: Conversational Commerce

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We are used to navigate through websites by clicking on one link after another. Until we finally find the right product or the answer to our question. However, even if a website has an easily [...]