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Guest post by Srusthi Shah. Easily one of the most hyped trends in tech, Artificial Intelligence has proven its value to sales professionals and marketers alike. It has evolved to become an essential means for brands that aim to deliver exemplary and personalized customer experiences.  While it all started with automated emails, we now have AI-powered CDP software and CRM systems too. Moreover, this AI wave and the increased use of Messengers are responsible for making chatbots go mainstream, and now, it’s possible for your customers to reach out to you any time on any day. These chatbots for [...]

How To Use Chatbots In Recruiting

Chatbots have already made their way into recruiting — with positive experiences and expectations. According to the Recruiting Trends study, 41 percent of job seekers say a chatbot makes their job search faster. They also [...]

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Automated Customer Communication Via Conversational AI!
Automated Customer Communication Via Conversational AI!

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