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Guest post by Kate Parish, CMO at Onilab. Artificial intelligence technology sees one of the most rapid and stable implementations all around the world. It is used by many entities, from governments and large organizations to small online businesses. AI facilitates daily processes, transforms the corporate environment, and finds its way into specific projects. In this article, you will learn about some leading challenges that companies may encounter while implementing AI.   Some Crucial Statistics on AI Implementation Challenges [...]

10 Artificial Intelligence Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

Guest post by Lerma Gray. If you ask a marketer or a brand leader how they could apply AI in their day to day tasks, you’ll often hear the mention of automation, big data and analytics. On the contrary, we often overlook commonplace AI applications like chatbots and voice assistants, which heavily apply natural language processing. Conversational artificial intelligence [...]

What Is Hybrid AI And What Are Its Benefits For Businesses?

Hybrid artificial intelligence is usually understood as the enrichment of existing AI models with specially obtained expert knowledge. At Onlim, we see things a little differently. We think this approach does not go far enough. That's why we are pursuing a more comprehensive approach toward hybrid AI.  What this approach looks like, why we [...]

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Automated Customer Communication Via Conversational AI!
Automated Customer Communication Via Conversational AI!

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