More Knowledge For Chatbots And Voice Assistants

Knowledge Graphs as the basis for meaningful conversations between humans and machines.

„Chatbots and voice assistants are only as good as the underlying knowledge they have access to.“

Alexander Wahler | CEO Onlim

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In the whitepaper “More Knowledge For Chatbots And Voice Assistants” you will learn how meaningful conversations between humans and machines are made possible in automated customer communication through so-called Knowledge Graphs.

Data vs. Knowledge

Conversations and knowledge are closely linked: without knowledge there are no meaningful conversations, without conversations less knowledge can be generated, and no insights can be gained. What does this mean specifically?

Knowledge Graphs

How can companies provide their data in form of knowledge through automated communication? We will describe what a practical approach for the realization of Knowledge Graph and Conversational AI projects looks like.

Use Cases

How are Knowledge Graphs and Conversational AI used across different industries? You will learn more about possible applications and more specifically, about use cases in three exemplary industries: tourism, energy and retail.


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Automated customer communication with chatbots and voice assistants.

Conversational AI is becoming increasingly important and customer communication is rapidly shifting towards chatbots and voice assistants. In the whitepaper “More Knowledge For Chatbots And Voice Assistants” Alexander Wahler, CEO of Onlim explains how Knowledge Graphs can be used to generate knowledge from information and how this knowledge can then be retrieved through Conversational AI.

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