August 2018

Creative Use Cases For Chatbots In Marketing And Sales

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The world is in the midst of one of the most significant changes of all times. In reality, we are already living in the future, yet sometimes we don’t even realise how far advanced our world has become.   Every day we are using these little handheld devices with colourful displays on which we tap [...]

Master Social Media – Part 4: Use The Power Of Instagram

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The social network started in 2010 and had a huge impact on how we are sharing pictures by putting fun looking filters on them today. Square shaped snapshots have become the new normal in mobile photography. All due to the rise to fame of one single app.   By now there are almost 100 million [...]

How Artificial Intelligence Is Going To Influence And Shape Businesses

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Artificial Intelligence is not a new concept. Many companies are already implementing different AI layers into products we are using every day. Smartphones, search engines, and Big Data are all almost unnoticeably enmeshed in our lifestyles making use of artificial intelligence in their own way.   Nevertheless the real inclusion of AI into our businesses [...]

July 2018

Master Social Media – Part 3: Learn To Love LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is the biggest social network for professionals. Colleagues can interact with each other and companies can connect with their current and potential future employees.   It’s built to share content and by doing so engage in an active discourse about topics, thereby building a strong community of like-minded individuals. LinkedIn holds great potential to [...]

Live Chat or Chatbot? – The Benefits For Your Business

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Until a few years ago being available to your customers through email and replying within 48 hours was standard practice. In today’s world, the speed of human communication has reached new levels where this approach would not satisfy customers anymore.     Download our free e-book to learn everything you need to know about chatbots [...]

Master Social Media – Part 2: Promote Your Business On Twitter

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Creating an account on Twitter is fairly easy. Everyone can decide on a Twitter handle, upload a picture and fill out the bio. Getting your brand message across in 280 characters and using your Twitter account to support your business goals, is a totally different story.   As always with social media, a long-term social [...]

5 Ways Voice Assistants Will Change The Tourism Industry

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What are the most popular tourist attractions in the city? What transport options are available? And at what time is the checkout?   While traveling countless questions and problems can come up that need to be answered or solved as fast as possible.     Download our free e-book to learn everything you need to [...]

The Latest Studies On Chatbots, Voice Assistants & AI

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Chatbots, voice assistants and AI are often hyped as technologies that will fundamentally change the way companies work.   But how does reality actually look like?   The following article summarizes the most important studies to help you stay up to date on current developments.     Studies on Chatbots   How widespread are chatbots? [...]

Master Social Media – Part 1: Facebook Marketing

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Social media marketing is gaining more and more complexity as there are always new options added and user behaviour being in a constant evolution. Narrowing down on the right strategy for Facebook can feel like a daunting process of never ending optimisation.   We have put together the most important aspects to be successful on [...]

Improve Your Marketing Strategy by Using Data Analytics

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Guest Post by Claudia Paisley Propp, Writer at Bizzmark blog   In the past, digital marketing was governed by people who made decisions based on their gut feeling.   Depending on their ability to empathize with the customer and see the bigger picture at the same time, this kind of decision-making process was more or less successful. [...]

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