October 2018

How to Use Voice Assistants as an Extension of Your Brand

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Guest post by Meaghan Yorke, content writer for DesignRush.   Artificial intelligence and voice technology are shaping an exciting future, and we collectively anticipate the era when voice assistants will become as commonplace as websites.   As people are getting increasingly comfortable with this technology and the leading voice assistants are becoming a part of [...]

How Blockchain is Going to Drastically Change Digital Marketing

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Without a single doubt blockchain technology is about as revolutionary as it gets and has the potential to impact the world in a way only few inventions ever have.   The marketing industry might not be the first one that comes to mind when thinking about cryptocurrencies and tokens, yet the imminent effect they will [...]

How to Create High Quality Dialogues for Your Chatbot

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The advent of conversation-based User Interfaces (UIs) and Chatbots in the last couple of years has evoked a necessity of optimising and tweaking the interactions customers can have with chatbots.   As a chatbot can only ever use the words and sentences he has been taught. All parts of a conversation, sentences, words, and tonalities [...]

Do All Chatbots Use Artificial Intelligence?

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Many users have false expectations regarding chatbots and what they are capable of. Most chatbots are far from behaving like a human being and have an answer to all user problems.   Many chatbots are programmed for a specific use case and can only help users within this previously defined framework. Nevertheless, they are a [...]

Chatbots, Voice Assistants and Co. – These Are The Terms You Should Know!  

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The scientific field of artificial intelligence is in an ongoing expansion and is currently in the process of making its way into the mainstream of public use.   Whether it is going to be AI powered smartphones or driverless cars that will be the first major use cases remains to be seen. Yet, it is [...]

September 2018

How to Optimize for Voice Search?

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Guest post by Raul Harman, Consultant and Editor in Chief at Technivorz      The popularity of voice search is growing at an astonishing rate. Research shows that one-fifth of all Google queries were voice searches. Moreover, the voice recognition industry is expected to reach $601 million by 2019.     Voice is gaining popularity for numerous reasons. [...]

An Overview of the Best Voice Assistants

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In recent years voice assistants’ rise to fame is undeniable. You can find them anywhere – on phones, tablets, PCs, smart speakers and fridges. The cooling devices might still be a fringe case of their use, but different implementation areas are growing at a rapid pace.     It is especially noteworthy that with more [...]

August 2018

What Are Voice Assistants And How Do They Work?

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The scenario out of science fiction movies, where we’d come home and just start speaking to our personal home computer or digital assistant which would take care of our every need, is not too far from being realised anymore.   Enjoying the luxury of always having an assistant at our side, who can support us [...]

How To Set Up Effective Facebook Ads For Small Businesses

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With over one billion users Facebook is one of the most exciting marketing channels to generate awareness and attract new customers. Being able to deliver relatively affordable and very targeted ads through Facebook ads is one of the main advantages of the social network.   Nevertheless, about 62% of small businesses are not seeing the [...]

Chatbots And Voice Assistants In The Retail Industry

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Retailers are experiencing a rapid change. New technologies and increased customer expectations make adaptions necessary.   In today’s world, an individual customer support that is accessible 24/7 as well as a smooth fusion of the online and offline world are standard requirements for a satisfying customer experience. They will gain even more importance in the [...]

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