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Prepare Your Data For Conversational AI With Schema.Org

When users communicate with chatbots or voice assistants in natural language based dialogues, advanced artificial intelligence techniques are used in the background. This is the field of the increasingly important discipline of Conversational AI. Conversational AI relies on the [...]

What Role Do Knowledge Graphs Play For Conversational AI?

Communication with customers and suppliers, as well as with employees and interested parties is rapidly shifting towards chatbots and voice assistants. With Conversational AI gaining more and more momentum, the question now is “how can we create truly meaningful [...]

Using Knowledge Graphs To Optimize Chatbot Conversations  

Chatbots today are already so powerful that they are able to play an essential role in a modern customer service organisation. Nevertheless, sometimes their answers still seem rather awkward. Knowledge Graphs, however, can be used to provide [...]

Knowledge Graphs For Successful Customer Service Automation

Not so long ago the idea that artificial intelligence could take on customer service responsibilities was dismissed as science fiction. Using chatbots to solve customer problems was not a realistic option, regardless of the size of the [...]

Knowledge Graphs And Conversational AI
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