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How Onlim Chatbots Break Down Data Silos And Increase Agility

Ongoing digitization offers great opportunities for companies. More flexibility, increased productivity and lower costs are just a few examples. But as digitization increases, so does the risk that data silos will develop in companies and that the hoped-for benefits [...]

What Is Hybrid AI And What Are Its Benefits For Businesses?

Hybrid artificial intelligence is usually understood as the enrichment of existing AI models with specially obtained expert knowledge. At Onlim, we see things a little differently. We think this approach does not go far enough. That's why we are [...]

Prepare Your Data For Conversational AI With Schema.Org

When users communicate with chatbots or voice assistants in natural language based dialogues, advanced artificial intelligence techniques are used in the background. This is the field of the increasingly important discipline of Conversational AI. Conversational AI relies on the [...]

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