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Onlim supports companies in automated communication in customer service, marketing, sales, HR & IT helpdesks via chatbots and voice assistants. With its multi-channel SaaS platform, which enables company data to be converted into knowledge and accessed in natural language with the help of chatbots and voice assistants, Onlim is one of the main players in the Conversational AI field in german-speaking countries. As a spin-off from the University of Innsbruck, Onlim’s technology is based on the latest research.

Onlim’s Conversational AI platform is mainly used in customer service but also in marketing, sales, HR and in IT helpdesks of medium-sized to large companies and organizations. Due to the seamless integration into the existing support structure of large companies, Onlim offers great advantages for companies with high support volumes. Due to its Knowledge Graph technology, Onlim also offers far-reaching advantages for companies that want to make their corporate knowledge available via natural language.

Onlim works across all industries from utilities, tourism, e-commerce, financial services to educational institutions and more. 

Onlim Chatbot & Voice Assistant Solution

Onlim Chatbot & Voice Assistant Solution

  • Automated 24/7 support, that can be handed over to an employee anytime if needed
  • Communication and availability through the preferred channels of your audience
  • Increased interaction and opening rates
  • Improve productivity & employee satisfaction
  • Automated lead generation
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Innovative competitive advantage

We develop chatbots for websites, apps, Facebook Messenger and voice assistants for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant. Furthermore, we also offer telephone bots.

We offer customized chatbot & voice assistant solutions. With respect to your needs, we will create a concept together. For more information please contact us directly.

Onlim Enterprise Pure includes a self-service chatbot for quick starters. Just contact us here. For more complex chatbot projects, our support is required for setup.

A Knowledge Graph is a synonym for a special type of knowledge representation. More concretely, data/content is modeled in order to describe relationships between individual “entities”, to make them machine-readable and to enable complex queries.

Knowledge Graphs (KG) offer several advantages for the conversation optimization of chatbots and voice assistants, such as the extension of natural language recognition, better intent management, improved answers and dialogues, generation of new knowledge and more.

You can find out more about Knowledge Graphs on our KG technology page or in our whitepaper.

Onlim Business Live Chat

  • Simple & fast communication with website visitors
  • Instant response possible
  • Lead generation
  • Email notification for requests that are outside of service hours

Onlim Business Live Chat can be tested for free for 14 days, no credit card required & it can be canceled any time. All you need to do is register on our live chat product age.

After the 14-day free trial period, Onlim Business Live Chat is available at € 49,-/month (excl. VAT) without any risks and you can cancel any time.

The Onlim Business Live Chat can be integrated into all websites using a java code snippet. Additionally, the live chat can be connected to your Facebook.

The Ultimate Chatbot Guide


The Ultimative Chatbot Guide

A chatbot is a form of automated service – like a robot that customers can communicate with via chat. Chatbots that are able to learn can understand natural language and therefore do not need as specific commands. That means bots based on Machine Learning get smarter with every interaction.

  • Chatbot basics & technology
  • Chatbots for your company & implementation tips
  • Statistics & trends