Onlim – Frequently Asked Questions


Onlim supports enterprises with automating their customer communication in customer service, marketing, sales and HR via chatbot and voice assistant solutions. As a spin-off of the University of Innsbruck, Onlim offers AI-based chatbot software with state-of-the-art technology. 

After 14 days free trial, Onlim Business Live Chat is available at € 49,-/month (excl. VAT) or € 490,-/year (excl. VAT).

Onlim Enterprise Pure starts at € 310/month. 

Onlim Enterprise Compact starts at € 1.100/month.

Onlim Enterprise Complete starts at € 1.550/month.

For a price estimation of Onlim Enterprise Premium please contact us here. 

You can find further details on our products & pricing here. 


Onlim Enterprise Chatbot & Voice Assistant Solution

  • Automated 24/7 support, that can be handed over to an employee anytime if needed
  • Communication and availability through the preferred channels of your audience
  • Increased interaction and opening rates
  • Automated lead generation
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Innovative competitive advantage

We develop chatbots for websites, apps, Facebook Messenger and voice assistants for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant. Furthermore, we also offer telephone bots.

We offer customized chatbot & voice assistant solutions. With respect to your needs, we will create a concept together. For more information please contact us directly.

Onlim Enterprise Pure includes a self-service chatbot for quick starters. Just contact us here.

For more complex chatbot projects, our support is required for setup.

From live chat and self-service chatbots to comprehensive Converational AI assistants – our plans are simple, flexible and tailored to your individual needs.

Learn more about our products and pricing here.

Onlim Business Live Chat

  • Simple & fast communication with website visitors
  • Instant response possible
  • Lead generation
  • Email notification for requests that are outside of service hours

Onlim Business Live Chat can be tested for free for 14 days, no credit card required & it can be canceled any time. All you need to do is register on our live chat product page. 

After the 14-day free trial period, Onlim Business Live Chat is available at € 49,-/month (excl. VAT) without any risks and you can cancel any time.

The Onlim Business Live Chat can be integrated into all websites using a java code snippet. Additionally, the live chat can be connected to your Facebook.