Onlim – Frequently Asked Questions


Onlim supports enterprises with automating their customer communication in customer service, marketing and sales via chatbots, voice assistants and social media. As a spin-off of the university of Innsbruck Onlim offers AI-based chatbots and voice assistants with state-of-the-art technology. Moreover, companies can use the Onlim platform to manage their social media and implement a live chat on their website.

Onlim Free is free of charge, with no additional costs. 

Onlim Business is available at € 49,-/month (excl. VAT) or € 490,-/year (excl. VAT).

For a price estimation of Onlim Enterprise, please contact us here.

Chatbots & Voice Assistants – Onlim Enterprise

  • Automated 24/7 support, that can be handed over to an employee anytime if needed
  • Communication and availability through the preferred channels of your audience
  • Increased interaction and opening rates
  • Automated lead generation
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Innovative competitive advantage

We develop chatbots for websites & Facebook Messenger and voice assistants vor Amazon Alexa. Soon Google Assistant will be available as well.

We develop customized chatbots for your company. With respect to your needs, we will create a concept together. For more information please contact us directly.

No, at the moment you can’t build your own chatbot with our platform. 

Of course! You can arrange a free online demo any time to learn more about our solution and talk about your requirements.

We develop customized chatbots adapted to our customer’s needs. Feel free to request a free online demo here to learn more about our solution and prices.

Live Chat – Onlim Business

  • Simple & fast communication with website visitors
  • Instant response possible
  • Lead generation
  • Email notification for requests that are outside of service hours

With Onlim Business you can manage your social media and implement a live chat on your website. Register right here and get started.

Onlim Business is available at € 49,-/month (excl. VAT) without any risks and you can cancel anytime.

Social Media Management – Onlim Free

Simply click on “sign up“ and fill in the form. You will receive a confirmation link in your mailbox for your login.

When you are logged in to your account click on your profile on the right upper corner and select “Profile“ again. There you can change all your data.

At the moment you can connect Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Xing, Flickr and Slack. Instagram profiles can be connected to get content suggestions from, however, at the moment it is not possible to publish on Instagram with Onlim.

Go to “Your Accounts“ and select the social media channels you want to connect and confirm the specific channels. If you are not logged in to your social media accounts, Onlim asks you to do so in the next step. If you want to add several user accounts of your social media channel, login to your accounts one after another and connect them to Onlim.

Go to “New Post“ in the left bar in your account. First select the channels you want your post to go out to. Add your post, images or videos and save, publish immediately or schedule the post. If you are posting to Twitter, pay attention to the character count below your post.

Go to “New Post“ and use the “+“ icon to add further posts on different channels or with different content.

Go to the calendar. Simply click on the arrow in the right upper corner of the post and select edit to change your content or date and time of posting. If you just want to change the scheduling day or time, click on the cross and just drag & drop it to the day you want to publish it.

Go to the calendar view and click on the social media channel icon to select single channels. Now you can see all the posts which are planned for this specific channel.

Go to calendar and select the compact view. Here you have a good overview of potential gaps between your postings on all your social media channels.

Onlim’s News Feed allows you to add external content sources to see and share published posts from those sources. You can monitor your brand mentions, watch your competitors or simply read your news. To start with, search for sources that you want in your News Feed. You will get a list of  Twitter profiles, hashtags or mentions, Instagram profiles, YouTube channels and RSS Feeds with your search term. Add all sources that are relevant to you. As Onlim Professional user the amount of external content sources is restricted to 10. Upgrade to Onlim Business to add more sources.

To personalize your News Feed simply create a new interest. Give it a title and add all relevant content sources. Add as many interests as you want and activate or deactivate them by just clicking on them. Single news can be added to favorites in case you want to read or share it later. If any irrelevant news are shown you can hide them or even block the author.

Click on the arrow in the right upper corner of a post in your News Feed and select save, schedule or share. Either way you can then choose the channels you want the post to go out to and also add some text.

Go to “Statistics”. Select a time frame to see the feedback you got on your posts per post type (text, image, link, video) and also per most popular posts during that time period.

The team collaboration feature is only available in Onlim Business. Select Teams in the menu on the left handside and click on “Create Team”. Give your team a name and invite members by adding their email addresses. You can create up to 2 teams with 25 members each.

No problem. Onlim Business users can upgrade their plan to get up to 10 or 20 teams. Click on your profile on the right upper corner in the Onlim tool and select Plans. Here you can add more teams. Up to 10 teams are available for € 10,-/month or 100,-/year and up to 20 teams can be purchased for € 15,-/month or € 150,-/year. Prices excl. VAT.

Onlim Free is free of charge. There are no additional costs for using Onlim Free.

Onlim Business is available at only € 49,-/month (excl. VAT) or € 490,-/year (excl. VAT).