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9 Tips On How To Write A Perfect Chatbot Script

Guest post by Bridgette Hernandez. As technology has evolved, so have opportunities for brands and consumers to interact. One of the most popular of these is through the use of chatbots. And with the emergence and continued ease of use [...]

The Best Chatbot Use Cases From Different Industries

The world is undergoing a major transformation. Conversational AI and chatbots have established themselves as effective communication channels for businesses over the past few years. Chatbots, when used correctly, can mean huge benefits for businesses in communicating with their [...]

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Implementing AI In Customer Service

Guest post by Katherine Rundell. Developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are enabling increased automation in customer service. By allowing bots to take on the bulk of customer service interactions, your customers can get instant support [...]

7 Most Effective Healthcare Chatbots

As technology continues to grow, so does that of healthcare organizations. Now, patients can actually use healthcare services outside the doctor’s office at their convenience. Artificial intelligence has already made its way into healthcare with innovative things like chatbots. [...]

Conversational AI Statistics And Trends 2021

The Corona crisis has had a major impact on both - our private lives and the corporate world. For a long time, digitalization in Germany was a rather restrained process. But now we can see an enormous acceleration, especially [...]

Essential Tips To Improve Your Chatbot

Guest post Samantha Kaylee. Chatbots are only effective for specific industries, they cannot personalize responses, and they are just a FAQ page on the site.  Including the above three, there are many more chatbot myths that persist in the [...]

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