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How Onlim Chatbots Break Down Data Silos And Increase Agility

Ongoing digitization offers great opportunities for companies. More flexibility, increased productivity and lower costs are just a few examples. But as digitization increases, so does the risk that data silos will develop in companies and that the hoped-for benefits [...]

How Chatbots Can Boost Your Site’s SEO

Guest post my Mike Khorev, SEO consultant. The idea of using chatbots for SEO is to automate much of the human work so there’s no need for a huge staff in place handling customer interaction and queries. The right [...]

6 Chatbot Use Cases By Industry

Guest post by Ashwini Dave, digital marketing expert.  Artificial Intelligence has evolved to become the harbinger of a shift in the business communications arena. What problems does a chatbot solve? And which chatbot use cases can be found in [...]

How Are Chatbots Redefining The Customer Experience?

Guest post by Srusthi Shah. Easily one of the most hyped trends in tech, Artificial Intelligence has proven its value to sales professionals and marketers alike. It has evolved to become an essential means for brands that aim to [...]

4 Tips for Writing User-Friendly Chatbot Error Messages

While some years ago, chatbots were considered an out-of-the-ordinary instrument that didn’t seem to produce a clear ROI, today the businesses’ perception of them is a lot different. AI-based chatbots have become an essential tool for corporations that help [...]

9 Tips On How To Write A Perfect Chatbot Script

Guest post by Bridgette Hernandez. As technology has evolved, so have opportunities for brands and consumers to interact. One of the most popular of these is through the use of chatbots. And with the emergence and continued ease of use [...]

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