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Tips For Creating An Effective Chatbot Design

The areas of application for chatbots could not be more diverse. From competent tourism chatbots for nature lovers to smart assistants for entire organisations. The challenge for companies is to develop an effective and successful chatbot. Whether it's a [...]

Superintelligence: How To Achieve Next-Gen Conversational AI

Artificial Intelligence that not only imitates human thought and action but surpasses them? The concept of "Superintelligence" inspires enthusiasm and stirs up fears at the same time. The field of Conversational AI, in particular, can make a contribution to [...]

Why Your Chatbot Should Be Based On Knowledge Graphs!

When companies start developing an AI-based chatbot or voice assistant, a machine learning-based approach is usually chosen. However, this method of Non-Symbolic AI only exploits part of the potential of AI, and many of these chatbots soon encounter limitations. [...]

Which Type of Chatbot Is Right for Your Business?

Guest post by Zachary Amos. Chatbots are among the most helpful technologies a business can implement. Experts believe they could save health care, banking and retail $11 billion annually by 2023, and nearly 40% of internet users prefer interacting [...]

How Onlim Chatbots Break Down Data Silos And Increase Agility

Ongoing digitization offers great opportunities for companies. More flexibility, increased productivity and lower costs are just a few examples. But as digitization increases, so does the risk that data silos will develop in companies and that the hoped-for benefits [...]

Chatbot Design Tips