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Excellent language comprehension with completely simple management of your platform!

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With the user-friendly Conversational AI platform, external data sources such as CRM or PIM are integrated via standardized interfaces, and conversations, multilingual content, and conversation modules are managed.

NEW: Generative AI – now simply upload PDF documents or web page content into the Onlim platform, and your bot is capable of answering all the content from these documents with just a few clicks. No training or complex dialogue creation required! Utilizing the OpenAI language model, which is also used by ChatGPT.

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Features and functions



Through our NLU / LLM agnosticism, we offer a system that allows the integration of the most suitable Natural Language Understanding component for our customers, depending on their needs.

Recently, the large language model from OpenAI (ChatGPT language model) is also available on our platform.


Conversation Modules

For even faster implementation of your bot, we have developed our own modules and templates that are already optimized for specific sectors such as tourism organizations, energy suppliers, financial service providers, hotels or retail companies.


Content management

After setup, Onlim customers can easily manage the content of their chatbot themselves via the bot management system.

They can adapt questions and answers themselves and easily organise the seamless transition from the chatbot to their customer service.



The Onlim platform has been developed for users without any programming skills from departments such as customer service, sales, marketing, HR or IT. After a short training our customers can easily administer their chatbot.


Text / Voice

Whether you want to implement a voice or text bot, with our conversational AI platform you can manage chatbots and voice assistants through a simple user interface and can adapt content accordingly.


Multichannel Connectors

Our chatbots and voice assistants enable automated 24/7 communication with customers and interested parties via websites, E-mail, Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant, telephone systems and own apps via text and voice.

Onlim Chatbot

Conversational AI on a new scale.

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