Conversational AI as a Service

Scalable, high availability, no effort.

Your advantages – Our SaaS model


Benefit from our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, in which we provide you with all components of our conversational AI platform including the complete operation as a service.

The entire system – including hardware, software, infrastructure and maintenance – is operated for you by Onlim and provided via Enterprise Service Levels.

Features and functions


Plug & Play

There is no local installation required to use the Onlim platform. You can simply access the platform through your web browser.


Security & Compliance

Onlim provides you with all services in a 100% GDPR-compliant environment in Germany, including corresponding service levels.


Flexible Use

Our conversational AI solution is provided as a subscription model and can be adapted to your actual requirements.


Availability & Scalability

We offer our cloud-based software fail-safe via data centers. During peak loads, the software can be flexibly scaled by adding additional servers without affecting the operating speed.


Ongoing Updates

Onlim publishes around 100 software updates per year. That way you automatically stay up to date without affecting the availability of your service.


Years of experience

We take over the complexity of managing and operating a conversational AI solution for you – you benefit from a total of more than 150 person years of development experience.


All-round Carefree

Onlim acts as a full-service provider and takes over the ongoing maintenance and further development in the backend as well as the provision of the SaaS solution for you.

It’s that easy to start with an Onlim chatbot on our Conversational AI platform

Our standard process

1. Analysis

The essential requirements for the chatbot solution are worked out in a joint workshop. We will train you in creating content for conversational interfaces so that you can prepare it. A dedicated service manager is at your disposal.

  • Workshop to define all requirements

  • Training in creating content for conversational interfaces

2. Implementation

We take over the initial setup of the chatbot as well as the implementation and training of the content. If necessary, we connect the chatbot to your external data sources & channels and model the linked knowledge as a knowledge graph. You will then receive detailed training to use our platform by yourself.

  • Setup of the chatbot, integration of external services

  • Implementation of the content and modeling of knowledge as a knowledge graph, testing

  • Training in using our platform

3. Operating

Hosted on the high-security Onlim platform, you can now make changes to the content yourself at any time. Intelligent statistical dashboards help you evaluate the performance of the chatbot and identify the right optimization points.

In a regular exchange, we give you recommendations for further optimization or answer your support inquiries.

  • Access to the Onlim platform for ongoing optimization

  • Hosting & support according to the selected SLAs

  • Real-time statistics & analyses

Do you need more support?

No problem. With our optional additional services (consulting, creation or translation of your content, 24/7 support, optional feature enhancements …) you can get even more enterprise-level support from us and can further customize your chatbot and tailor it specifically to your requirements. 

Onlim Chatbot

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