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How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Customer Service

Without a doubt, artificial intelligence has already made an impact in many industries, including customer service. With more and more businesses installing chatbots on their websites and automating their data analysis among other things, AI solutions are definitely becoming [...]

Superintelligence: How To Achieve Next-Gen Conversational AI

Artificial Intelligence that not only imitates human thought and action but surpasses them? The concept of "Superintelligence" inspires enthusiasm and stirs up fears at the same time. The field of Conversational AI, in particular, can make a contribution to [...]

Challenges Companies Should Be Ready for When Implementing AI

Guest post by Kate Parish, CMO at Onilab. Artificial intelligence technology sees one of the most rapid and stable implementations all around the world. It is used by many entities, from governments and large organizations to small online businesses. [...]

What Is Hybrid AI And What Are Its Benefits For Businesses?

Hybrid artificial intelligence is usually understood as the enrichment of existing AI models with specially obtained expert knowledge. At Onlim, we see things a little differently. We think this approach does not go far enough. That's why we are [...]

10 Top Challenges Of AI Technology In 2021

Guest post by Yen Pedrajas. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been one of the key technologies that help transform industries and solve world problems. As the years pass, more technologies use AI and Machine Learning algorithms and programs in factories, [...]