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100% Control

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Omnichannel experience

Access your company knowledge in natural language across all channels – chatbot, email, voice and messenger services.

“The collaboration with Onlim has been shaped by direct and efficient communication and engagement from both sides starting from day one. That’s how we succeeded to set up a fully functional chatbot called “BotTina” in a very short time. Onlim’s expertise and know-how has been of great advantage in the full process of implementing the chatbot. BotTina offers great value and benefits to our customers.”

Wien Energie

Stefan Regner | Customer Service Quality Management & Development, Project Manager, Wien Energie GmbH


Smart communication with Conversational AI 2.0

In addition to our NLU (Natural Language Understanding), we use the most powerful large language models (LLM) to ensure excellent language quality (understanding of queries / generation of responses). This means we always guarantee the best language level. And best of all, we can change the model at any time - which simply means more flexibility for you!




We link your company knowledge from databases, websites and PDFs with our knowledge graph-based platform. So you always have 100% control over your conversations.


#Knowledge Graph

The Onlim platform is an efficient and flexible knowledge management tool that enables access to your company knowledge for external and internal users in natural language. This makes information easily accessible from anywhere.

#Knowledge Management

The Onlim platform allows easy connection to your company systems with just a few clicks and no programming required. Easily connect and manage different components within your ecosystem and control the corresponding processes from the Onlim platform.


#Data Integration


How you benefit concretely!

80 % automation

With our platform, you can automate up to 80% of your internal and external communication. This frees up important resources for more complex tasks!

90 % less effort

Simply upload your company data with just a few clicks. Setup effort is reduced by 90% compared to conventional solutions.

Excellent language quality

The integration of large language models ensures even better language understanding and unrivalled quality of automated communication.

100 % control

With our RAG technology, you always have full control at all times. Only facts that you have authorised are shown in the conversations.

The conversational AI platform for complex requirements

Industries and use cases

Our solutions are used in many different sectors, from energy, industry, finance, healthcare and tourism to media and publishing. Automate your communication in customer service, human resources and knowledge management. Take the pressure off your employees and optimise your processes.


  • Full support in every project phase.
  • We accompany you with our expertise.
  • We analyse your requirements together.
  • We advise you on implementation.
  • And guide you through the entire project.

1. Analysis

In this phase, the key requirements for Conversational AI are worked out together. We analyse your business and your use case and examine how we can most efficiently link your company data with our Conversational AI platform.

2. Implementation

After the analysis phase, we take care of all the implementation steps. Starting with setting up the solution, through to the integration and preparation of your content – this usually takes just a few days. Ongoing tests and strict quality assurance ensure that the defined requirements are met.

3. Operating

After implementation, your virtual assistant goes live. Hosted on the high-security Onlim platform, you can make changes or add content at any time. Thanks to the ongoing further development and optimisation of our platform, your solution will automatically always be up to date.



Get to know our platform

Automate internal and external communication with the Onlim Conversational AI platform. Via various channels – chatbot, email, voice and messenger services. Support your employees, improve your business processes and manage all your data in one centralised platform.

  • LLM integration
  • Omnichannel
  • Knowledge Graphs #RAG

Conversational AI on a new scale.

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