Better customer service
and more efficiency
at lower costs.

Better customer service and more efficiency at lower costs.

Automate up to 80% of your customer communication with Onlim’s Conversational AI platform.

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Key benefits of AI-based chatbots


80% Automation

Automate up to 80% of your inquiries and free up critical resources to work on higher-value tasks. 

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50% Cost Reduction

Provide personalized service and answer inquiries 24/7 while cutting contact center costs by 50%.  

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Zero Data Silos

Intelligently model and structure your company data and make it accessible via natural language.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Respond to requests in real-time on customers’ preferred channels and support your team.


Talk to your data


The Onlim Solutions

Onlim’s Conversational AI platform is used in many different industries and departments. We also develop our own conversation modules with content tailored to specific requirements and use cases, for even faster implementation cycles.

“I would like to return my package, how should I proceed? My electricity is not working. Where can I have a vegetarian meal in the city center this evening?”

The employee who never sleeps – optimize your customer experience by automating standard inquiries via chatbots and benefit from continuous availability and fast response times.

“How much does the half-day ski pass for adults with a child with a guest card cost? Do you have a free table for 2 people on the terrace at 8 p.m. today? How can I arrange a chatbot demo?”

Support customers along the various phases of the entire customer journey – from research, lead generation, to lead qualification and obtaining feedback or upselling after the sale.

“My laptop won’t start, what can I do? Why am I not getting any emails? How can I change my password? I can’t log in and get a 989 error message, what should I do?”

Optimize your IT helpdesk processes with chatbots and benefit from greater efficiency, increased service quality and reduced costs.

“Are there any open job positions? What requirements do I need for the job? Until when can I apply and what does the application process look like?”

HR chatbots support streamlining your recruiting processes and application management and can also be used for internal processes and personnel development.


Comprehensive chatbot solution for complex requirements

With Onlim’s bestseller, Enterprise Complete, you benefit from an intelligent chatbot solution that is individually tailored to your needs and is, therefore, able to cope with the most complex external and internal communication requirements.

“A year ago, we have developed our Hans-Bot together with Onlim – and we are very satisfied with the results. The chatbot offers a great added value to our website visitors and has exceeded our expectations. What we like especially is the fast and problemsolving service of the Onlim team. Our change requests get implemented quickly and the bot is being optimized continuously.”

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Ulrike Kiesel | Online Marketing Management

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