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Is a chatbot right for my business?

October 24th, 2023|Automatisierung, Chatbots & AI, chatbots, ChatGPT, conversational ai|

In today's digital business world, a chatbot have become an important tool for businesses to improve customer service, automate workflows and optimise interactions with customers. But before you decide if a chatbot is right for your business, there are some important considerations you should make. In this blog article, you will get the essential questions that can help you in your decision making. The key questions for implementing a chatbot in your company To find out if implementing a chatbot is worthwhile for your business, it is advisable to consider the following questions: 1. Is the round-the-clock availability of a chatbot beneficial for my business? One of the biggest advantages of a chatbot is their availability around the clock. Customers can ask questions, request information or receive [...]


What are chatbots and how do they work?

November 23rd, 2023|chatbots|

In recent years, the term "chatbot" has gained increasing significance, particularly due to the growing interest in artificial intelligence and automated systems. Especially since the hype around advanced models like ChatGPT, many people have become familiar with the term. [...]

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