June 2018

8 Myths About Chatbots & Artificial Intelligence

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  With the hype about chatbots, the rumour mill has been in overdrive. We've heard it all: From statements such as "You can build your bot within an hour" to "Chatbots will be causing an immense job reduction".   In this article, we want to shed some light on the most common myths about chatbots [...]

May 2018

How To Market Your Chatbot Successfully

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  Your chatbot is finally live? Good job! We know that planning and creating a user-friendly chatbot takes tons of time. However, you can not just lean back after creating it, because the creation of your bot was just a small step into the right direction.   Download our free e-book to learn everything you [...]

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How To Create A Chatbot That Users Will Love

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  The subject of chatbots has been widely discussed for some time now. Many are even considering it to be “the next big thing” in marketing. User surveys confirm this trend. A Hubspot survey shows that 57% of the participants want information from a bot when they visit a website. 47% of users are even [...]

The Best Sources To Learn About Chatbots And AI For Businesses

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You constantly hear about chatbots & AI, and wanna learn more about it? We are here to help. We put together the best sources for businesses to learn about chatbots and AI. Our list will help you to stay up-to-date and learn how you can use chatbots and AI for your own business.     [...]

April 2018

How Chatbots Can Be Used For Event Organization

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Virtual gatekeepers and ushers First thing’s first, when you arrive at a popular event, there is always a great commotion especially at the entrance. There are also different pathways and doors for performers, fans, and technical crews. Instead of tags on entrances that could fall off or ushers that get tired, chatbots can prove very [...]

Will Artificial Intelligence Ever Rule The World?

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Especially in recent years innovative technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI)  have found their way into our everyday lives. They have become important components of consumer electronics, household applications, smartphones or cars. They recognize our voice and face, monitor our health and property, warn us about dangers, play the role of personal assistants and win [...]

Top 5 Ways Voice Will Be Used For Authentication/Verification

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Our voice is a powerful tool that can give unique hints about your mood, upbringing, social status, height, weight, facial features and also information about the environment around you. The ability to reveal information about a person places the voice on the same level as the DNA or finger prints.   Download our free e-book [...]

Search Through Voice – Usage, Effectiveness & Challenges

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The use of voice searches has recorded increasing popularity over the recent years. Virtual assistants such as Cortana, Siri, Viv, Amazon Alexa and Google Search/Now have also emerged to facilitate voice searches.  Such virtual assistants enable users to input search query upon request rather than having them type it themselves. The most commonly used devices [...]

Chatbots As Digital Customer And Service Agents

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Today, most of customer service calls to companies still meet a digital voice system or a request to narrow down the reason of the call. And only then you are redirectd to a service agent. In our modern times, analog telephone systems are nearly gone and increasingly replaced by state-of-the-art voice-controlled switching systems. As more [...]

March 2018

How Chatbots Are Changing The Face Of Banking

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There’s a high likelihood that the use of chatbots will have a massive impact in the banking industry following the willingness that major global banks have shown towards the initiative. A chatbot is a technology that’s powered by Artificial Intelligence to facilitate a conversation between customers and businesses in form of written messages or audios. [...]

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