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The scientific field of artificial intelligence is in an ongoing expansion and is currently in the process of making its way into the mainstream of public use.

Whether it is going to be AI-powered smartphones or driverless cars that will be the first major use cases remains to be seen. Yet, it is more than obvious that the era of artificial intelligence has already begun.

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Computing power makes the difference

The big difference from earlier times in AI development is the sheer computing power that we have available now. Computer chips with the size of a cent coin are able to deliver computing power that used to need whole server farms a couple of years ago.

Additionally, the connectivity to the internet and its cloud-computing solutions are another big factor. This makes computing power almost totally unreliant on the size of a device. The smallest gadgets, devices, and apps are now able to take on tasks we couldn’t even dream of just a decade ago.


The most important definitions

For the next few years, it will be especially important to gain an understanding of how AI works and what it is able to do. As we will be surrounded by its applications in almost every electronic device and software application.

Let’s dive right into the definitions:

Artificial Intelligence

First and foremost, we have to understand what AI actually is. The term “Artificial Intelligence” relates to a field of computer development. This domain of development is focused on creating systems are that able to independently collect and organize data. They are able to make decisions and solve complex problems.

For instance, an application like this can be presented with 10.000 pictures of dogs. Through an analysis of the most common characteristics, it is then able to find dog pictures online.



The most important aspect of an AI is the used algorithms. Algorithms are rules that serve to solve a problem, such as recognizing specific characteristics to identify a dog on a picture. 

Algorithms are somewhat comparable to the ways humans experience different things  – making them the control centers for decisions and actions.


Machine Learning

With the help of algorithms, one of the main components of an AI is its capability to learn. In a way machine learning and artificial intelligence can be used synonymously as the ability to learn is the hallmark of intelligence.

Machine learning is the process, in which AI algorithms are used to derive information in an intelligent matter. It is the application of rules and the results that are achieved by using AI processes.


Natural Language Processing

To be able to understand the human language, a complex neuronal network can be needed. If an artificial intelligence is trained to understand human communication, the very process is called natural language processing (NLP).

This is especially important for chatbots and automatic translation services or voice assistants, like Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant, that are voice controlled.


Voice Assistant – Intelligent Personal Assistant

This kind of assistant is based on software and can be integrated into a wide array of devices.

Voice assistants analyze naturally spoken voice commands and are making it possible for a user to directly interact with a device and its functionalities, simply by the sound of their voice.

Calendar entries, search queries, orders or simply playing back music are some of the favorite use cases for now. These will be growing exponentially in the next few years and fully establish voice interaction of humans with technology.

Examples are: Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Bixby, Google Assistant etc.

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Smart Devices – Speakers, TVs, Phones

The addition “smart” has become a widely used term for any kind of technology. However, not every smart device means the same thing. A smart TV simply has access to the internet, while smartphones and smartspeakers have integrated artificial intelligence and voice assistants.

These smart devices can be integrated into all aspects of our lives and are enabling a world, where devices will support humans intelligently with daily tasks. 


Chatbot – Website or Messenger Channel

Communication with a company can work through many different channels. Chatbots can be used to enhance the customer support experience for usres. Whenever a customer is contacting the company through the chat on their website of Facebook profile a chatbot can be implemented. It will be able to answer specific questions and help customers within seconds.

Many questions can easily be dealt with by the chatbot. Only if a more complex level of help is needed a human customer support agent needs to get involved.

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Bots – Social Media Bots

These kinds of bots are not necessarily intelligent yet. They are being used to take care of simple and repetitive tasks. Sometimes to follow people on social media or like comments and content automatically, aiming to generate more followers and interactions.

This practice is not really encouraged by social media platforms and can cause account suspension. That’s why it is advised to be wary about using these bots.

Do you have any further questions regarding the terms above? Or did we miss any important terms you’d like to learn more about? Feel free to send us a message.

These Are The Terms Around AI You Should Know!
These Are The Terms Around AI You Should Know!