Top 7 Requirements For Chatbot Software

By Published On: July 30th, 2020Categories: chatbots

Chatbots help improve customer experiences by providing support or advising buyers during crucial decisions. Most importantly, chatbots holds numerous automation options that can significantly accelerate servicesHowever, not all chatbot software solutions are equal. There are specific requirements that have a substantial impact on saving potentials and customer benefits.

If you are looking for a chatbot software but are not sure yet which features are absolutely necessary, this article will help! We’ll look into the most important requirements and features of a chatbot software for enterprises.


The most important requirements of chatbot software:


1. Complex dialogues

In addition to understanding and interacting within conversations, an outstanding chatbot software has NLP functions (Natural Language Processing) to analyze the context of a conversation.

It can identify the intent of a question to provide an accurate answer and suggest options to confirm or resolve the issue.

The best chatbots have advanced conversation features and can proactively search for information and ask clarifying questions even if the conversation is not linear.


2. Flexible data connections

By using Knowledge Graphs, data can be structured and modeled, which in turn helps to generate new knowledge.

Moreover, the integration of company data or external data sources extends the functions of chatbot software enormously. 

The chatbot can capture, read and process large amounts of data to gain insights from relevant data and to quickly solve customer problems.

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3. Multi-channel capability

A great chatbot communicates seamlessly across multiple channels such as websites, apps, messenger, phone systems or voice assistants such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. 

For a seamless experience, it is also useful if data and context can be stored over several channels. If a customer shares his order, email address or other information with the bot, it can use this input for further actions on other channels. 

Moreover, it should be possible to pass on all to a live agent if necessary.

4. Fast onboarding

Even if chatbots often build on multi-layered and technologically complex software, this does not mean that getting started should be an equally complex process. It’s definitely an advantage if a chatbot can be launched quickly. 

“Plug & Talk” solutions that make a chatbot ready to go in 2-4 weeks are therefore very beneficial for companies.


5. Easy handling

Well-designed user interfaces and experiences (UI / UX), both on the company and customer side, are essential.

It has to be possible to edit corporate identity settings, change and add content quickly, send notifications to employees and have a clear and structured overview of conversations. 

In addition, the chatbot software has to be able to handle the huge amount of data without any problems and GDPR settings have to be taken into account.

Being able to manage and handle a chatbot and its content easily can make all the difference! 


6. Ongoing optimization

Every single customer interaction represents a way of learning for artificial intelligence (AI). The more often a chatbot is used, the better it gets because it can access more and more data with continuous use.

What works well, what doesn’t? How do customers use the chatbot and are set goals being achieved? 

Therefore, a chatbot software should continuously expand its own knowledge base by analyzing conversations.

At Onlim we are constantly expanding our chatbot software with new functions and by using our Knowledge Graph technology the knowledge base of the chatbots is constantly growing.


7. Analytics & reporting

An outstanding chatbot is an excellent source of data and customer information. However, if you cannot extract it and use it to increase your knowledge, it will be of little use.

Choose a chatbot provider that provides in-depth chatbot analytics and analysis of customer information, responses and requests, and gives you the information you need to tailor your products and services to your customers’ expectations.


Chatbot software requirements are complex

Many essential elements need to be combined to create the ideal chatbot. In our view, the requirements presented in this article should be at the top of your “wish list”. With this range of features, your company is well-positioned to digitize and automate customer service with the right chatbot software.

If you are looking for a chatbot that combines all the important functions, look no further! Onlim offers a multi-channel AI-based chatbot software that is constantly being optimized and is designed to meet the specific requirements of retail, energy providers, tourism, IT services, financial companies and more. Contact us to arrange a free consultation.

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