Digital Voice Assistants in Customer Service

Customer service is changing at a rapid pace as new technologies are empowering innovative ways of interaction that are becoming the new standard for customers. Only a few years ago technologies like chatbots, voice assistants or other virtual customer support solutions weren’t much more than an interesting idea. By today they have already established themselves as important elements of any customer service strategy.


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Digital voice assistants are establishing themselves as control hubs of automated customer interactions. They stand out because of their ability to engage and be engaged with through humans’ favorite mode of communication – spoken words.

The interactive nature allows for an organic integration of voice assistants into our everyday lives. Making it a more than promising addition to customers services and calling for a dedicated voice strategy for businesses that want to stay ahead of the game.


Innovative Use Cases for Digital Voice Assistants In Customer Service

Digital voice assistants can be used in many ways. Making them a great solution to add value both to businesses and their customers alike.


First contact and appointments

Voice assistants can simplify the back and forth of arranging appointments and allow to book them through voice commands. Further changes or notifications can be sent automatically which simplifies the whole process and helps to ensure the meeting is actually happening.


On-site services

Chatbots and voice assistants can completely transform your experience of staying at a hotel. Instead of having to call reception to get information or book additional services, customers can talk to pre-installed smart speakers in their rooms. These will automatically provide restaurant recommendations, let them book services, initiate a wake-up call or deliver a bottle of champagne to the room.


Order tracking

How often do you check the delivery status of a recent order? Many businesses are already automating this process and digital voice assistants can perfectly handle this task. Domino’s pizza delivery is one step ahead and has already embedded a voice order and delivery option.



Every day more and more people are ordering online. Refunds are often part of the online shopping experience whereas an automated refund process streamlines online business operations tremendously. Just imagine requesting refunds can be as easy as talking to a voice assistant. How cool would that be?


Subscriptions & applications

Handling subscriptions or making applications is usually nothing that we like to spend our time on. Be it a fitness studio subscription, an application for a bank loan or a job. Voice assistants can make these processes easier, allow quick submission of the necessary information and help with automated responses 24/7.


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Payments and collections

Late payments are costing small and mid-sized businesses almost $3 trillion a year. Guiding and helping customers to take care of their dues is an important part of customer service. Embedded into virtual systems, payment reminders can be automated or human agents connected to the customers to help solve persisting problems. Customers and employees are benefiting from the integration of voice assistants.

The use cases for digital voice assistants are as broad as our imagination allows and further development of voice assistants and chatbots enables a totally new way of customer service. A customer service that is faster, more flexible and catering to the immediate needs of customers.

At Onlim, we are helping your business to find the right strategy and make the most of new technologies for successful customer service integration.

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