We started using Onlim, and we love it!

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I am writing this as CEO of Abrupt Audio Ltd, a digital media company focused on podcast production. In the last few months we started working with Onlim assisting them in creating audio content marketing in the way of their excellent podcast ‘Stories By Onlim’. When we first started to work together, Abrupt Audio had [...]

GIFs for Social Media | Social Micro Content 101 | Tip 8

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  Listen to the article here:   An Introduction to GIFs The humble gif, or Graphics Interchange Format has come a long way from where it first started out. It is a bitmap image format that was developed by US-based software writer Steve Wilhite, whilst working at the internet service provider CompuServe in [...]

Colour Theory | Social Micro Content 101 | Tip 2

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Listen to it:   These smaller pieces of content are very shareable, which is incredibly useful if you have social media distribution in mind. Small in stature but they can provide huge value to your content marketing strategy. How appealing and digestible they are depends on how well they are crafted [...]

6 Basics For Building Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Reading time: 5 minutes Maybe you are about to get going with a start-up or small business and are just about to get ready for the huge and overwhelming sector that it is and the social media environment that comes with it? It can be incredibly challenging to know where to start and also how [...]

Automated Social Media & Content Marketing with Onlim

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Your Smart Social Media & Content Marketing Tool! Time is not what we get a whole lot of in today’s world. As the economy enters into a new era of being digitised it seems as if things are really starting to speed up. Onlim was created to save the small business owner time with regards [...]