Chatbots & Voice Assistants

Be where your customers are!


Conversational interfaces are on the rise. Customers are increasingly communicating with businesses via chatbots and voice assistants.

Businesses currently face the challenge of selecting the right channel and then transforming their content and data into a voice or text dialogue for these channels. 

Onlim has the solution!

One Single Platform

  • Multichannel text / voice platform

  • Integration of customer service

  • Proprietary AI for better bot conversations

  • Conversation modules & templates

  • Connector for external data sources

Onlim Enterprise

You have already a heap of customer interactions? Benefit from your very own customized multichannel chatbot solution (in text or voice). It will be  based on our proprietary AI which includes conversational modules, ensuring a faster implementation cycle. 

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Benefit From Our Key Features!

Onlim Offers Advanced Technology to Address the Needs of Automated Customer Communication

Multichannel Text-Voice Platform

No matter what channels your customers use – with Onlim you´ll be there for them. Chatbots for your website, on messenger platforms or on voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant (Q4) are already available.

Data Sources

We offer a highly flexible solution to integrate your company´s content or external data into your chatbot via standardized APIs. To answer your clients´questions we then transform it into natural language through our AI.


After setting up your Onlim bot you can easily manage your chatbot’s content. You can: create and adapt answers/questions, monitor all conversations and also instantly switch from the bot to your customer success team or vice versa at any point/time.

Conversation Modules

For even quicker time to market and for companies who already know what they want: Onlim offers specific content templates and modules for specific industries such as hotel, tourism, retail, utility and many more.

Project Description

We provide the Onlim platform as a SaaS model. Each project has a dedicated customer delivery manager who is responsible for the project until it goes live.

All our bot implementation projects consist of 3 phases.


We will develop the main requirements together you. First through a call – followed by a workshop – we define the detailed features and the scope of the project.

  • Kick-Off-Call

  • Workshop for detailed definition

  • Specifications and project plan


Here we setup the chatbot or voice assistant and start to train our AI platform. Ongoing testing assures that everything works as defined before going live.

  • Setup chatbot and / or voice assistant

  • Connect and model external data

  • Configuring AI training and learning


This phase starts directly after going live. Hosted on the high security Onlim platform we provide an easy to use backend interface to our platform where our clients can change and adjust their content as they wish.

  • Access to Onlim Chatbot Management System

  • Hosting & Support via Chat / Email / Phone

  • Ongoing platform & feature set development

These are just some of the main features.

There are many more.

  • Artificial Intelligence Platform

  • Rule Based Reasoning Engine

  • Multichannel Platform

  • Knowlegde Graphs

  • Conversation Modules

  • GDPR conform

  • 99,5% Service Availability

  • Hybrid Bots / Live Chat

  • Self-Maintainability

  • Connector for external Data

  • Self-Learning

  • Chatbot Statistics

  • Customer Service Integration

  • Standardized APIs

  • Bots for Website & Messenger

  • Bots for Voice Assistants

  • Data Agnostic

  • Graphical User Interface

Let us help you automate your customer communication!

For customer service, marketing and sales.

Your company gets numerous customer service requests every day through email, phone or ticketing systems? You are looking for ways to keep up with changing customer expectations and want to add new channels to your marketing and sales efforts? Then Onlim’s chatbot and voice assistant platform is for you!

  • Automated 24/7 support, that can be handed over to an employee anytime if needed
  • Communication and availability through the preferred channels of your audience
  • Increased interaction and opening rates
  • Automated lead generation
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Innovative competitive advantage

We want to learn more about your business and the challenges you are facing in customer service, marketing or sales. Then we can determine if our chatbot and voice assistant solution is the right choice for your business. 


Ready to start your AI-powered, automated customer communication journey? Let’s talk!