Boost Customer Loyalty with These Conversational Marketing Strategies

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Nowadays, there is no such thing as pure marketing. Rather, there is content marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing, conversational marketing, and many more. Marketing techniques are becoming increasingly better tuned and focused, with new methods and approaches implemented every day.

Marketing Strategies

The reason for this abundance is simple – experience. Experience is what customers are after and what businesses take huge pains to provide. Experience is what is remembered and what makes customers loyal to the brand. And loyalty is one of the strongest pillars of the company’s success – loyal customers can bring as much as 65% of its business

However, customer loyalty does not just happen, it needs to be boosted and maintained. Exciting and engaging experiences play a significant role in building loyalty and retaining customers, and this is what different marketing techniques are for. Conversational marketing also makes an important contribution into creating loyalty-boosting experiences, so let’s see how to use it best.

What is conversational marketing and which benefits does it bring?


Conversational marketing, as the name suggests, is based on establishing a dialogue between a business and a customer. It differs from many other marketing techniques for its two-way nature – the customer is not only a recipient of marketing information and content but also an active participant in a conversation. 

There are many ways to engage a customer in a conversation – live chat, chatbots, social media comments, webinars, and live streams. In each case, the customer can actively ask questions, make inquiries, and provide feedback. And in each case, the company has a unique chance to answer the customer directly in real-time.

The value of conversational marketing in forming supreme experiences and boosting customer loyalty cannot be overestimated.


When planned and implemented smartly, it brings multiple benefits:

  • Personalized human-like conversation experiences. Live chat or a chatbot on a website can act as a personal assistant for a customer creating a service experience that is close to the one they get offline. From greeting the customer to personal recommendations, conversational tools help the customer in their journey.

  • Learning about customers. Conversational techniques allow businesses to learn more about their website visitors. In a dialogue with a chatbot or service agent, a customer provides lots of useful information – who they are, why they are on your website, what they are looking for, why they needed assistance, and so on.

  • Faster conversions. Instead of a usual cycle of a sales representative contacting the lead and working them toward the conversion, with a chatbot, a customer may convert immediately within the dialogue.

Conversational marketing strategies to win customer loyalty

Let’s see how you can apply conversational marketing techniques to create wonderful experiences, boost engagement, and get more loyal customers.

Use multi-channel approach

Customers may prefer different ways of communication, so it’s best to be ready to meet them wherever they are. Organic conversation channels can help you make your online business more efficient.

Set up multiple channels and be active on each of them:

  • Add a live chat or chatbot to your website to assist your website visitors and lead them to conversions. You can set up live chat easily using one of the tools in this guide.

  • Create accounts on social media where your target audience is the most likely to be found and monitor all of them. The key thing is to answer all the inquiries and comments as soon as possible giving the details the customers ask for.

  • Use SMS marketing to reach customers via text messages. Many customers prefer messaging as a convenient way to chat with a company in real-time.

Be active in your customer communications

No matter which channel the customer chose to communicate with you, the response speed is crucial. By responding quickly, you not only provide the necessary information but also show that you respect your customer and this channel is not abandoned, of course. 

There are measures you can take to ensure the shortest response time:

  • Try to make your support team available 24/7 to handle live chat and email requests coming from all time zones.

  • Monitor social media for any mention of your brand name to provide an immediate response.

  • Use chatbots optimized for marketing to assist customers with finding self-service resources and collect their details.

  • Place your chatbot or live chat widget strategically on your website to provide assistance when customers are the most likely to need it (for example, during checkout).

Personalize your communications with customers


A personalized approach is one of the pillars of customer loyalty, and conversation channels are very well suited for it. While chatting with a specific customer, you have a wonderful chance to learn more about them and use this information immediately. 

For example, when your chatbot asks a customer to choose their favorite outfit style, their answer opens tons of opportunities. Classic, casual, boho – you should immediately have something to offer. Similarly, any other personal details that the customer provides should become the launchpad of further conversation.

Train your team on using conversational marketing tools


The most efficient way to implement conversational marketing in your organization is by using a single platform that can handle all conversational channels you have. With a single platform, such as Birdeye, your customer communication management is much easier and more transparent. You can synchronize all your activities and make sure all data is up to date.

The important thing is to train your teams to use such a platform for maximum effect. Customer communication is a joint effort by many teams – marketing, support, sales – and all of them need to know how conversational tools work and how to use them to lead the customer to conversion.

Collect and analyze customer feedback


Customers appreciate it when businesses listen to their suggestions and use them to improve their product or service. Conversational tools give you wonderful opportunities to gather feedback, as conversations usually happen in real-time, and customers do not need to take any extra effort to rate your service.

Include a feedback form in your chatbot or live chat and invite customers to fill it at the end of your conversation. This way, they can express their opinion while the experience is still fresh. Make it short, so that they do not see it as too much trouble.

When you have received the feedback, use it to improve your service. 

Wrapping up

Conversational marketing with the unique experiences it creates helps to boost customer loyalty immensely. With a well-configured and planned conversational platform and a professional team, you have great chances to become the number-one place for your customers that they love to do business with.


Julia Serdiuk is an Outreach Specialist at HelpCrunch, an innovative platform to build relationships with customers. She is a seasoned traveler and yoga enthusiast who appreciates life and believes in the cloudless future of our planet.

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