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6 Common Chatbot Mistakes Your Team Might Be Making

Guest post by Daniela McVicker.  Using chatbots for sales, customer support or marketing communication can have tons of benefits. It can save time for your team and enable them to focus on more complex tasks, improve customer satisfaction, decrease [...]

Top 7 Requirements For Chatbot Software

Chatbots help improve customer experiences by providing support or advising buyers during crucial decisions. Most importantly, chatbots holds numerous automation options that can significantly accelerate services. However, not all chatbot software solutions are equal. There are specific requirements that have [...]

6 Chatbot Myths That Are Preventing Your Business From Growing

Guest post by Molly Crockett. Even though the history of chatbots goes back into the 1960s, chatbots are one of the latest developments in technology that all businesses should consider using. When properly implemented, chatbots can help to improve [...]

Using Chatbots For Crisis Management And Beyond (Part 1)

Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic hit us at lightning speed and has kept the world in suspense to this day. Such massive events and crises understandably lead to fear and great uncertainty among people. Public authorities have an urgent need [...]

How to Create Engaging and Compelling Chatbot Scripts

Guest post by Erica Sunarjo, writer and blogger. While still in their toddler years, chatbots are becoming commonplace. Why? Because one of the driving forces of marketing and CRM today is to have more conversations with customers. Conversation can [...]

Chatbot FAQs – The Most Common Chatbot Questions Answered!

Over the past couple of years, we have implemented more than 60 successful chatbot projects for medium and large-sized businesses from various industries ranging from energy, tourism, financial service providers, education to IT service help desks and more. Our team [...]

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