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Supervised vs. Unsupervised Learning – Use & Myths!

Have you ever wondered whether there is a connection between the weather and your sales figures or how your sales will develop in the next few months? If so, you have probably often wished for a "black box" for [...]

6 Reasons Small Businesses Can’t Ignore AI Any Longer

Guest post by Michael Deane. Using AI to automate and advance business processes is no longer a privilege of the rich and strong - even small businesses can now afford powerful AI tools to earn themselves a competitive edge [...]

Google Meena, Samsung Neon & the Future of Artificial Interactions

Guest post by Kate Lynch, a business and digital marketing blogger. In late January this year, Google unveiled Project Meena, an “end-to-end, neural conversational model”. With a groundbreaking new architecture (“Transformer seq2seq”), Google claims that Meena represents the next [...]

AI Is Changing Customer Experience:  Are You On Board?

Guest post by Heidi Thiel, writer and content creator. Your customers are more digitally savvy than ever, and they expect your company to provide service that is convenient and personalized. AI can make that happen.  “By 2025, as many [...]

How to Use Artificial Intelligence in SEO [2020 Updates]

Guest post by Mike Khorev, SEO expert and digital marketing consultant. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the major buzzword in the digital marketing world for the past few years, mainly due to the rapid advancements in machine learning technologies. [...]

Humans Vs. Machines In The Age Of Customer Experience

Today, we undeniably find ourselves in an age of customer experience. In 2020, customer experience should even overtake price and products as the key brand differentiator. While businesses need to find ways to improve how their customers feel when [...]

Supervised vs. Unsupervised Learning - Use & Myths!
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