What Makes A Great Customer Service Chatbot?

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Automating customer communication through chatbots is becoming more and more popular. The digital assistants established themselves to be of great support for customer service.



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But what makes a great customer service chatbot and which functionalities are essential? In this article we have a closer look at the most important aspects to provide an amazing customer experience. 



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#1: Great problem-solving skills 

Which inquiries should the chatbot be able to answer? How can it offer the maximum value to your customers and effective support to your employees?

These questions are the basis for a successful customer service chatbot. 



Customer Service Chatbot


Chatbots are the key to providing customers with existing information in a fast and direct way. Therefore, it makes sense to enable your chatbot to answer the most important FAQs and use existing data from previous interactions and further information to equip the chatbot with this knowledge. 


At the beginning we always recommend to start with a very specific use case, covering as many questions as you can around a certain topic. Once the chatbot has learned to master this topic through numerous interactions, you can add further use cases. 




#2: Simple and intuitive interaction


Chatbots can be implemented into your existing services such as your website, an app, your intranet, online shop etc. 


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What’s important is to make the interaction with the chatbot as easy and seamless as possible. For example, once a user comes to your website, a small chat window can open, introducing the chatbot and offering his help. 


Along with this introduction the chatbot can also offer an overview of his existing functionalities, from which the user could for example, choose a category. 







Moreover, most smart chatbots offer some kind of take-over by a human employee. This function should be communicated to your users. 


All the above points make the interaction with your chatbot pleasant and welcoming, which leads to a better customer experience and higher satisfaction and retention.



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#3: Conversational maturity


Besides being able to understand and interact actively in conversations, great chatbots possess of specific natural language processing facilities (NLP), enabling them to interpret the context of conversations. 

Chatbots identify the intent behind requests to deliver a suitable first answer. In some cases they can also provide options to confirm or clarify the intent. 


#4: Continuous improvement


A chatbot should be able to learn in two ways. 

First, you have to analyze previous interactions to learn from then and add new functions and problem-solving skills to your chatbot. 

Second, direct feedback from your customers plays an important role. Of course, this can’t be a 10-minute survey, however, you can include a very short survey asking if the user is satisfied (e.g. answer through emojis) at the end of a conversation. 




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What makes a great customer service chatbot?
What makes a great customer service chatbot?