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There are many ways today to drive your Social Media Campaigns with content marketing.



It’s not that detailed information isn’t important anymore. It’s just that Social Media content needs to command attention spans online.

Social and mobile is the way forward and has been for some time now. However with so many content formats out there we’ve hand-picked a few, to help you drive your social media marketing strategy campaigns online.


We’d like to introduce and share with you to our top tips collection of Blog posts to help you with creating your social micro content.



Visual Content for your Social Micro Content


Marketing messages are being delivered today visually.

Over the past few years we’ve seen the rise of short messages within social media. Thankfully there are now a number of platforms that will help you design your content without having to have graphic designer skills. We don’t believe that Graphic Designers will ever go away with the rise of automation but we love some of the platforms that are being created for the small business owner that hasn’t done their 10,000 hours of Design to be  a good Graphic Designer.  


We love all the creativity that we are starting to see online and we use Canva here at Onlim to create some of our designs. Giving Canva a run for its money is Visage. Both platforms create visual content that educates, inspires and serves social network users. Both these platforms help you to get that social love you crave.


Especially with Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook users devouring up content with amazing images. Content today is taking a much more visual approach to things. There are highly engaged audiences on these platforms and interacting with them visually is key.  



Content should encourage and coax them towards items you’d like them to purchase online.


Of course we recommend that you also schedule your content with Onlim to help with running your campaigns once all your visual content is created. Onlim will aid with  the pipeline of Micro content with the management of scheduling the Micro content simply and effectively.



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