Utmost Chatbot Marketing Tips For Enterprises

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Modern customers have positive attitudes toward the use of AI-powered chatbots, and 40% of Millennials claim to engage with bots on a daily basis. Therefore, if you haven’t created a chatbot for your enterprise yet, it’s time to do it now. A well-designed chatbot will help you to handle website traffic, generate more leads, make more sales, and gain customer loyalty. Do you want to make the most of your chatbot? Use the following six chatbot marketing tips.

6 chatbot marketing tips to follow

Humanize your chatbot

The role of personality and emotions in automated conversations is hard to overestimate. If you give your chatbot a name and create a character, you will significantly improve the user experience. You will make users feel like they have a conversation with a human, not a robot, and that will increase your chatbot engagement.  

If you are ready to walk the extra mile, make your chatbot capable of recognizing emotions and responding in a human-like way. It will help you to make the user-chatbot conversation smoother and less awkward. 

Leverage personalization to boost your chatbot marketing efforts

Modern marketing is all about personalization. So if you use your chatbot for a marketing purpose, you should focus on creating a personalized customer experience

The first thing you should do is to program your chatbot to recognize users’ names using personal data from Google or Facebook accounts. The second step you should make is to enable your chatbot to share the news/products/updates that are the most relevant to the users’ recent browsing or shopping behavior. 

In such a way, you will make users feel valued and important, and it will be easier for you to engage them in a conversation. Besides, it will help you to gain customer loyalty and build an emotional connection.

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Optimize your chatbot for voice search

More and more people are starting to use voice assistants to find relevant information online. So if you optimize your chatbot for voice search right now, you will greatly benefit from that in the long run.

The good news is that you can connect your chatbot to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or other voice assistants. Use Onlim software, and your chatbot will do its work as a voice-based AI service.

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Guide users using buttons and automatic transitions

Some users use chatbots on a daily basis. And they’ve already used them to formulate their questions and requests in a way the bots can understand. 

But for many other users, chatbots are still a new thing. Some people don’t have a clear idea of how chatbots work. They wrongly believe that bots can understand any phrase just like humans do. 

As a result, such users get messages like “Sorry, I don’t understand what you want me to do” or “Oops, didn’t quite get that” from a chatbot. That makes users frustrated, and they leave the chat.

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To prevent that, you should guide users using buttons and automatic transitions. You should add relevant follow-up questions to make the bot more engaging and smooth the conversation flow.

Create chatbot newsletters

Is it challenging for you to make your newsletters stand out in the customer’s crowded inbox? Consider sending newsletters via chatbot. It’s a simple yet effective way to grab the users’ attention and get your content read and shared.

The chances are that your enterprise will be the only one in your niche who distributes newsletters using chatbots.  So you will not have to work that hard to get your content noticed.

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Identify your customer touchpoints 

The key to the success of using chatbots and converting leads is the identification of your customer touchpoints. Once you understand why, when, and how users interact with your brand online, you will get able to create relevant content and boost your chatbot marketing efforts.

Where do your website visitors come from?  Do they get directed to your site from social media platforms, review platforms, or online ads?

What kind of information are your website visitors typically looking for? Maybe they look for detailed product information, social proof, like user-generated content, or want to discuss specific questions with a customer support agent. 

The better you analyze your target audience’s behavior, the more effectively you optimize your chatbot. So don’t hesitate to immerse yourself in the audience research.

Wrapping up

Are you ready to take the profitability of your enterprise to the next level? 

Build a marketing chatbot using these simple tips. Create a new channel of communication with your customers and get one step closer to reaching your big and small goals. Do it before your competitors do to maximize your marketing efforts. 


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