Artificial Intelligence is on the rise and is surely going to be one of the most growing fields of technological advancement in the upcoming years and decades. Humanity’s dream of a fully automated lifestyle where machines can take care of all the tasks we don’t want to be bothered with is inching closer every year.




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An especially interesting aspect of this development is going to see the shifting definitions of intelligence that we’ll experience. Because with AI, completely new perspectives on life and the things we do will arise.


Through human evolution only certain aspects of our intelligence have been in focus whereas others were not critical for our survival. New kinds of artificial intelligences will be able to support us in ways we might not even be able to imagine today as they transcend the limitations of our own minds and intelligence. If we as humans are willingly going to embrace the new capacities of AI, we will benefit in many ways.


Even today, artificial intelligence can solve tasks that would have been unheard of just years ago. Facebooks’s Bots can negotiate as well as their human counterparts. A poker computer developed by university professors can beat other human players with ease. Even lifesaving progress is being made, as specialized AIs can detect skin cancer with up to 90% consistency – outperforming a group of human specialists.




Industry leading AI Startups and Companies


The number of promising AI companies is growing daily. Our list provides a peek into the growing industry.




Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, Internet, Machine Learning


Toutiao is a platform designed to curate content and news for its users. The curation itself is done by an artificial intelligence that is guided through computer vision and natural language processing. Being connected to its very own social network the AI is consistently learning and improving its ability to serve its users’ interests.




Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Image Recognition, Software


Sensetime is developing facial recognition technology, that is being used for credit card or ID documentation and security. More than 300 Chinese companies are already using the services of Sensetime. The self-proclaimed rate of error is sitting at a mere 1:100.000.




Artificial Intelligence, Internet, Automated Communications, Chatbots, Social Media


Onlim is one of the leading companies in the space of automated customer communications. Using Artificial Intelligence in customer interactions, companies can cut down on logistics, time management and costs. Helping their customers to get the specific help they need even faster and more reliably.


In a cooperation with the University of Innsbruck Onlim has created an AI-lab to support scientific research & progress of the technology.




Artificial Intelligence, Self-driving Vehicles, Robotics


Argo AI was founded to help tackle the great challenges that AI development is facing. Argo aims to figure out solutions for some of the most pressing problems the IT industry, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are facing. Focussing on self-driving vehicles Argo is developing technologies that are helping to establish efficient and safe ways to bring self-driving vehicles to the masses.




Banks, Big Data, Finance, Fintech, Personal Finance


Kredittech’s impressive goal is to support the financially underprivileged with the use of technology. By combining new data with machine learning they are trying to enable access to credit and financial services in a simpler way. Products include individual loans, digital wallets and personal financial advisors.



OakNorth Analytical Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, Banks, Big Data, Fintech, Machine Learning


Acorn is an upcoming fintech company specialising in global credit and doing a better job at that than traditional banks. Their platform is built to automate processes by using deep learning of AI enabled systems. Credit analysts and data science managers are guiding the process and help to develop the machine learning capacities and their algorithms.



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Audio, Mobile, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Voice Recognition


Soundhoud offers its very own AI platform called “Houndify”. This is a solutions for companies wanting to make use of speech recognition software but remaining independent and in control of their use of the technology. Working with a multitude of different companies Soundhound is known for its innovative strength in the industry.


Houndify offers high level Voice and AI-integration including speech recognition and a strong set of natural language capacities.






Artificial Intelligence, Biotech, Medical


Liquid biopsies are one of the biggest trends in medicine right now. A multitude of different startups is trying to solve humanity’s ailments. One of the most promising ones is Freenome. The startup’s objective is to use AI to analyse blood samples and detecting different types of cancer. By analysing the DNA in the blood, it can make predictions about the kind of cancer and where it is located.


This all might sound a bit too much like science-fiction. Yet, the reality is that the mentioned companies are helping to create ground-breaking new technologies that are focussed on using AI to improve human life in many interesting ways.




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Would you like to automate your customer communication?

I’m happy to discuss your requirements and show you the advantages of our AI chatbots in an online demo.

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