Yeah yeah, we know – yet another social media marketing article on the Internet. But trust us when we say that you’re going to want to read this one!


This year is going to be a defining year for digital marketers and everyone engaged in the social media world. Nearly half of the entire world is now active on social media – 3.03 billion people! In fact, just from Q2 of 2017 until Q3 2017, social media platforms gained around 121 million users.


The one message you should get from this growth is this:



Let’s dig into what your brand needs to know in 2018 about social media management down below. 



#1. Start working with content creators with influence


Content creators have been around for quite a while. Whatever you want to call them – influencers, social media creators, micro-influencers – they have something your brand might not. And that’s a connected, engaged, and loyal following that regularly interacts with their content and follows their advice.


And in 2018, content creators with influence are going to be even more crucial for your social media marketing strategy. In fact, Tomoson did a study back in 2015 showing that for every $1 USD spent on influencer marketing, the business made back $6.50 USD. That’s an incredible ROI that we’re sure your business wants to get on board with!


But tons of brands just aren’t sure where to start with influencer marketing and management.


If you’re struggling with how to get started, here are some quick tips on what to begin with:


  • Determine whether you want to work with micro-influencers (those creators with 100K followers & below) or more “famous” influencers (those with over 100K followers). Many brands are deciding to go with a micro-influencer strategy, as these creators normally cost less and are more easily accessible.
  • Don’t just choose any influencer to work with your brand. Only work with creators whose content works with your brand’s aesthetic, who have an engaged (and real!) following, and who work in a similar niche as your business.
  • Be ready to invest. You need to set your influencer marketing budget at a level that’s not going to completely devastate your finances, but will get you the influencers you want. Many experts say $20,000 to $25,000 is a good starting point for brands. That can increase as you build up your strategy and see how it works out for your business.





#2. Think about Generation Z


If you’ve ever searched about “marketing to Millennials” or “what do Millennials want”, you’ve probably been very quickly overwhelmed with the number of search results. For the past decade or so, brands have been absolutely obsessed with how to market to Millennials. Well, in 2018, it’s time to turn your brand’s attention to a new group on the horizon – Generation Z.


No, this isn’t a generation of zombies coming to eat your brains out! But they might be just as scary for many brands.


Generation Z is the next generation of young people after the Millennials (who are already quite young) and are posed to be both larger and more influential than their older brothers & sisters.


If you don’t have a strategy tackling the Generation Z problem, then you’re already behind.


Here are some of the things your brand’s got to know about this generation:


  • The members of Generation Z crave authenticity. The fact is that this generation has grown up surrounded by digital ads – commercials on TV, banners on YouTube, sponsored ads on Snapchat. This means that they’re experts on telling the fake from the real. Your brand should have authenticity as a central focal point of your content marketing strategy. If something sounds too “salesy”, then it probably is.
  • Another important thing to note about this generation is their fear of missing out (FOMO). They are constantly checking up on social media, afraid they won’t see the latest development or miss out on some important event. And the good thing about Instagram Stories and Snapchat is that you can use this FOMO to your advantage! Create great content that disappears in 24 hours and Generation Z will definitely be interested.



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#3. Engagement is the name of the game


Think about your past social media marketing strategy. Maybe it involved constantly commenting, liking, and sharing content to bring on-board new followers. Or maybe you even dabbled in buying followers or likes (here’s a reminder of why that’s no good!).


Well, that’s about to change.


OK, it’s still great to engage with other brands, customers & influencers. It’s still a great idea to bring on new followers and convert them to customers. But it’s a much better strategy to start engaging with your current audience, building a loyal fan-base, and fostering one-on-one relationships.


Generation Z isn’t the only part of your audience that wants authenticity. Make sure that your content is unique to your brand’s aesthetic and voice, use personalized messages to speak to your audience, and engage with your followers on a regular basis.


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