Top 6 Podcasts On AI, Chatbots And Voice Assistants

By Published On: January 29th, 2019Categories: chatbots, voice & assistants

Podcast are an amazing way to stay up-to-date on all the ongoing developments in AI, Chatbots and Voice Assistants.


You want to get the latest news and insights on what’s going on in this field of technology? By tuning into a podcast you can get it all without having to spend hours on research.


Podcasts are getting more popular all over the world and it is no news that voice is one of the most trending topics right now. Staying on top of the game is all about knowing and experiencing what is going on in this field.


Interestingly enough the rise of voice assistants and smart speakers plays a huge role in the increasing popularity of podcasts. As more and more household are equipped with a seamless streaming experience it became even easier to listen to podcasts.


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If you are interested in this very exciting topic and want to get the latest insights or really take a deep dive into it, you came to the right place.


In this article we are introducing our favorite podcasts covering all topics related to AI, chatbots and voice assistants.



Talking Machines


The Talking Machines podcast covers a wide variety of topics and the two hosts Katherine Gorman and Ryan Adams make a very entertaining team. Both coming from different backgrounds, they complement each other quite well, with Katherine being a radio producer and Adam an academic with a focus on machine learning.


With different guests, generally experts on machine learning and AI, they are trying to dissect the intriguing concepts of AI. They keep their podcast as beginner friendly as possible yet taking more advanced listeners into consideration as well. Episodes last for about 60 minutes and listeners are encouraged to join the discussion at any time.



Linear Digressions


This podcast aims at bringing more clarity to the space of AI, data science, and machine learning. The two hosts Ben Jaffe and Katie Malone are taking the quite complex topics apart and help to educate their listeners on all things computer science.


With real-world examples like chatbots and neural networks they try to make it as accessible as possible. All of this in quite focused episodes ranging from 15 to 30 minutes in length.



Data Stories


Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner brought this weekly podcast to life in which they talk about different topics with their guests. Mostly focusing on the latest trends and developments in the space.


There are over 100 Episodes available by now which leaves you with lots and lots of interesting things to discover on this podcast. You should definitely check it out.



The Data Skeptic


This is another favorite of ours that specifically focuses on the basics of data science and machine learning. How exactly do voice assistants work, where are chatbots heading to etc. are some of the pressing questions they try to tackle.


Episodes are held in interviews with long-standing experts or with the two of them introducing a new topic in around 15 minutes. They also provide insights and predictions on possible future scenarios.



The O’Reilly Bot Podcast


The O’Reilly Bot Podcast is your go-to choice for all topics around bots and chatbots. This podcast is especially entertaining as it is not only catering to the marketing aspects of this technology but takes it to different use cases as well. Customer Service or internal processes of companies are discussed just as much.


Job Bruner and Pete Skomoroch are creating exciting content on this rapidly growing industry that is definitely worth a listen.



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Learning Machines 101


There are quite a few interesting results studies of AI have created. Some of them estimating that about 85% of customer interactions will be taken care of by non-human workforce in the future.


This forecast is actually derived from reliable sources, yet this isn’t the case with some other “facts” that are being curated around AI. That’s why the Learning Machines 101 podcast aims at demystifying some myths about AI by employing a sober but humorous view on the ongoing developments.


You can feel their enthusiasm in every single episode, which can lead to quite complex and specific ventures into the field of AI, chatbots and voice assistants. It is definitely worth a listen and will broaden your knowledge on these topics.



There are many more interesting podcasts that could have made our list. Yet, the above-listed podcasts are covering a good scope of all the interesting topics in the field of AI, chatbots and voice assistants, enabling you to learn a lot and deepen your knowledge in the space.



If listening to these podcasts has sparked your creativity and brought up ideas about some projects you want to approach, we at Onlim are happy to support you in creating customized chatbot and voice assistant solutions.