Chatbots, voice assistants and AI are often hyped as technologies that will fundamentally change the way companies work.


But how does reality actually look like?


The following article summarizes the most important studies to help you stay up to date on current developments.



Studies on Chatbots


How widespread are chatbots? What are they used for? And what developments can we expect in the future?

We put together the most important studies on user behavior, future developments and common use cases.




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Studies on Voice Assistants

Voice assistants like Alexa, Siri and Co already support many users in everyday life. But how widespread are they really? And what potentials arise for different industries?


The following studies give you an overview:


  • The Consumer Intelligence Series “Prepare for the voice revolution” gives you a comprehensive overview of the acceptance of voice assistants, user habits, obstacles, the impact on smart home purchases and security concerns.
  • This study by Pew Research Center focuses on the distribution of voice assistants. You will learn more about the main purposes and habits of the study participants.
  • Wavestone’s paper “The Rise of the Intelligent Voice Assistants” focuses on future developments and to what extent they can replace traditional search engines.
  • The article “Voice Shopping 2018” by Rain Agency focuses on E-Commerce. It gives an overview of the most important studies dealing with the potential of voice assistants.
  • The Voice Search Vertical Reports by Roast takes a closer look at the usage of voice assistants in different industries. From finance to technology and education: You’ll find a variety of industry-specific reports.




Studies on AI


How do companies make use of the many possibilities that AI incorporates? The following studies try to answer this question.



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