March 2018

The 10 Best European Conferences To Learn About Chatbots & AI In 2018

2019-11-19T15:40:20+01:00March 8th, 2018|

How will the topics Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence develop in the future? And how can companies make use of these technologies today? We will give you an overview of the most important conferences in Europe to meet industry experts, get hands-on approaches to using bots and AI solutions, and catch a glimpse of future developments. [...]

November 2017

5 Takeaways From The 2017 Web Summit  

2019-04-15T16:02:49+02:00November 27th, 2017|

At the beginning of November over 60,000 people attended the 2017 Web Summit in Lisbon, with thousands more attending via live streams all across the globe.   To say this was a must-attend event is a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.  In case you were in outer space from the [...]