December 2018

How AI Drives Better SEO Performance

2020-06-24T08:48:44+02:00December 17th, 2018|

Guest post by Raul Harman, Consultant and Editor in Chief at Technivorz .     When I mention “artificial intelligence” or “machine learning,” the first thing that crosses your mind is probably humanoid robots.   However, AI goes far beyond that.   It represents an umbrella term used for sophisticated technologies, such as super-smart algorithms, machine learning, [...]

November 2018

How To Use Chatbots To Enhance Your SEO Strategy

2020-06-24T08:53:48+02:00November 27th, 2018|

Guest post by Marko Maric, SEO Director at Clockify.   I’m sure you have noticed that the majority of business websites today have some kind of a live chat or instant messaging option that pops-up moments after you enter the site. Over the past few years more and more of these types of websites have [...]