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Technologies change and micro content is becoming more important. There are also a number of new tools to help with quick video content creation.


2016 has seen the emergence of video storytelling in particular with Apps such as Snapchat and



Video ad spending reached $5.4 Billion in the US this year (2016) alone. Companies are certainly not underestimating the power of video marketing. 46% of users take some sort of action after viewing a video ad, (according to Online publishers association). And one third of all online activity is spent on watching videos.


These are just a few of the reasons why video content is such a powerful medium especially on social media.



Video Storytelling with 360° Video


One of the recent additions to any savvy marketers digital toolkit for managing video content is 360 degree video.

It offers an immersive experience generally reserved for people actually present at events or locations. This provides a new and also innovative way for brands to participate with their audience. It doesn’t offer the level of immersion that virtual reality offers, but many brands are taking advantage its immediacy.


The experience creates a cinematic feel for the viewer. 360 images have been seen before on many estate agents websites. Also offering an immersive fish eye view of homes on sale.

Today these kind of videos now go that one step more. Now offering the viewer the feeling of being transported into the scene before them.


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360° Videos on Social Media


Facebook has also added new features. So when people discover a 360 video in their News Feed, a new gyroscope animation appears. This indicates that the content is different. They also provide a helper animation. This prompts people to move their phone if they don’t tap the video or move their device within 4 seconds. In this way there is no need for additional explainer or instructional text.


Facebook has also developed Facebook Surround 360—an open, high-quality, production-ready 3D-360 hardware and software video capture system.




They have also been adding tools to help publishers understand which parts of their 360 video viewers find most interesting.


With the Facebook analytics Heatmaps shows publishers which parts of the 360 view audiences are watching most. Creators can now also see the demographics of their video viewers and what most engaging moments in their broadcasts. They also see how social media shares and cross-posts boosted their view counts.



YouTube Director Suite


YouTube recently launched its YouTube Director suite of products.

It consists of three products that make video ads more accessible to businesses. Especially to local businesses that have neither the time nor the budget to allocate to professional video content creation. With the free business app (available for iPhone in the U.S. and Canada) anyone can create a video ad. It can be done quickly and easily—right from their phone.


You don’t need any editing experience making it easier than ever to create professional looking videos.

Video storytelling is on the increase.  We can only expect a growth in professional video content creation. Especially with the tools for easier content creation and also the necessary insights. With attention being the greatest currency online video creation is definitely set to grow.



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