Social media marketing has developed to a key instrument in every marketing plan. No matter if you are running a one-person business or working in a fortune 500 company – social media has become a popular way to maintain relationships with current and potential customers.


In this blog post, we are focusing on why social media marketing is the best way to promote your small and medium-sized business online and why you shouldn’t miss it. Let’s get started!



1. Social media marketing is cheaper than mass communication


Small and medium-sized companies naturally posses of a smaller marketing budget than large enterprises. That is why they can profit from the many benefits that social media platforms provide without having to spend a ridiculous amount of money.


And statistics confirm that SME’s are using social media marketing more than ever before. After the “Constant Contact Small Business Attitudes & Outlook Survey”, 73% of small businesses and organizations have started using social media marketing.


Although creating your social media channels is free of charge, you haven’t done social media marketing with that. It is an intensive process from defining your strategy, coming up with cool content to the production of posts. Depending on the budget, SMEs normally can’t afford a social media manager nor a social media agency.


They advertise their business on their own with a rather small financial investment to grease the wheels. Also, if you spend 4-digit-sums (that’s an advanced ad budget!) on Instagram-ads or sponsored content on Facebook it will remain more cost-effective than running offline campaigns in traditional media such as TV, radio or print. A mere 10-second ad on national TV, for instance, will cost 6-digit sums.


Anyway, on Facebook for example, you can achieve great results for your business with little ad cost, if you know how to set them up correctly.


A tip to help you get started:

You ALWAYS have to think about the goal of your ad campaign beforehand, ask yourself what you want to achieve with it! It might sound obvious and simple, but it really is the cornerstone for any successful ad campaign.


By the way, social media can also help you to reduce your recruiting costs. If you use platforms like LinkedIn or Xing (for the DACH region) you can avoid the high costs of publishing a job ad in job search engines or even newspapers. As additional benefit applicants will see that your business has a social media presence, which especially younger generations will prefer.



2. Social media marketing is fairly “easy”


Compared to traditional advertising it really is easy and much quicker! You are avoiding long-term production and booking fees like you would have for billboards or even for TV-spots.


You just have to build a good presence on suitable platforms. Either you use every single interface of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on or you can use one of the many social media management tools out there. With various software platforms being available on desktop, mobile phones and iPads, businesses can post content any time.


It will help you to save time as you normally have a multi channel dashboard and calendar to keep an overview at a glance. Feel free to check out our social media management tool. The platform has especially been created or SMEs and is quick and easy to use.



3. Social media marketing allows you to get in direct contact with your audience


One of the huge benefits of social media is a two-way communication.


Once you have an audience you can encourage them to engage with your content. They can directly interact with you and give direct feedback on your work. You should foster the relationship and give a human and trustworthy touch.


While listening continuously you’ll learn a lot about customers needs and get to know their profile better. You’ll get a feel for their needs, expectations and buying behavior.



4. Social media marketing increases the traffic to your website


If you are running an online business, it is especially interesting for you to know that your social media presence is increasing traffic to your website. So, do it right!


Write relevant content, think of your call to action and link to your website on the posts. Those clicks are especially interesting as they come either from already interested readers who may be in the final stage of a buying decision. And more traffic means more leads and a higher probability of conversions.



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5. Social media marketing allows high level targeting


Especially Facebook allows you a very high level of targeting. They know their users very well – the amount of information that Facebook has is incredible.


When creating Facebook Ads, you can target them using a variety of interests, demographics, and behavior filters. This is an advantage where traditional advertising can’t compete with.


You should also bear in mind that with 2.13 billion monthly active users a super high number of people are using this network nowadays. So, there is a huge mass out there you can address.





6. Social media marketing allows you to get in touch with partners easily


Social media platforms also allow you to get in contact with B2B partners. Create cooperations with other business owners or discuss ideas with industry experts.


Social media lets you have direct conversations with people who might otherwise be socially or geographically inaccessible. Professional social networks such as LinkedIn and Xing are a great way to do so.