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Snapchat has evolved a lot over it’s 5 year existence. From it’s early days at Stanford university, created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, it started life out under the name “Picaboo”.


The initial idea was to create an app which allowed users to share images that were explicitly short-lived. Snapchat today has evolved into a mix of private messaging and public content for it’s users. Evolving mostly into a video and chat messaging social media service.


5 years after starting out on it’s journey, it has just rebranded as Snap Inc. Introducing it’s first hardware product, branded as Spectacles, in the form of $130 sunglasses that records video. It will allow the owner of the connected glasses to record and capture 10 sec memory snippets, using circular video with a 115 degrees lens. This allows the viewer to experience the individual’s memory from their experience or point of view.


Snapchat has gone a long way from a simple photo and video sharing app to a social media marketing medium that can simply not be ignored.





Snapchat Stories


With over one billion views of Snapchat stories a day, there is plenty of marketing content being created for followers to view online and digest. A lot of the content makes the viewer feel like it is exclusive, coming from within organisations or streamed live from various events. This way Snapchat can deliver what exactly is going on from backstage at a promotional event.


In a way giving the follower VIP access. It has been used for product launches, exclusive previews, events and competition giveaways to drive excitement and inclusivity.The consumer is made to feel a part of the event and calms their FOMO and angst around them missing out on special events.


Engagement is driven in this way. Brands can target several verticals of consumers and also send out private messages which are done in the form of competition giveaways. This in turn increases the loyalty for the brand with the users. With the behind-the-scenes content providing a particularly strong following through the content shared over the medium.



Snapchat Influencers


All of these social media sites, grow at first with the early adopters, many of whom then become influencers. They tend to forge a niche for themselves on the social media platform. This can result in them having thousands and sometimes millions of followers and having a great deal of reach on the platform. By partnering with Snapchat influencers and piggy backing off this influence you can expand both your brand awareness and reach. This in turn can enhance the brands voice, particularly, if a good relationship is developed with the influencer.


Often the influencers are asked to take over the brands channel for a week. Their followers tend to follow them whatever channel they broadcast from. This can become a big part of real time marketing and increasing the brands own following. Account takeovers type of promotions within Snapchat, can in turn be spread to other social media channels and platforms and in turn boost the overall number of connections online.



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