Social media marketing has been the buzzword in digital marketing during the last decade. Almost every business is running a Facebook page and is tweeting their news. For sure, social media has become a very a useful method to engage with your crowd and to boost your brand awareness. However, there is a lot of work to be done in order to be successful.


We’ve looked at several FAQs about social media marketing and answered the most relevant for you below. Happy reading!



1. How much does social media marketing cost?


This question really comes up over and over. And there is now way to answer this with a simple sum. For sure, everybody can open a Facebook account for free and start posting. But it is not done with that. Either you hire a social media manager or you do it on your own – it will take time and money to run a successful social media channel.


We’ve listed the four most cost driving factors below :


Content Strategy

This part will take most of your time and hence head costs. You have to define your social media strategy and think of what you want to achieve with the account. Then social media can serve to a variety of purposes, from publishing information to answering customer complaints to engagement with a community. Have a focus on what you’re trying to accomplish and write down your social media objectives.



Engaging messages are key to your success online. You can write them on your own or you might want to hire a professional copywriter to write them for you.


Graphic Design

If you’re not completely design-savvy it is recommendable to hire a professional Graphic Designer to create appealing designs.


Facebook Ads

Depending on your ambitions, Facebook Ad’s are awesome to generate awareness. But truth to be said, it is also a very cost driving factor.



2. Where do I find great social media content?


The biggest source fore valuable social media content is your own mind. You breathe your brand and should play a key role in delivering ideas. But you can also find inspiration in the following channels:



Observe your competitors. What do they communicate through their online marketing channels? How do they activate their customers to engage with the brand?


Social Media

Browse through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest feeds of posts related to your topic. It is recommendable to search with a hashtag.



Create a Google Alert newsletter for your topic. You get notified when someone publishes news regarding the subscripted content.



Talk to the audience. Try to make a subliminal survey while talking with your friends. What are they expecting from a company social media profile? Which content would they like to see in their feed?





3. Which is the best hour to post on social media?


It depends on your audience! If you’re selling nappies, mornings and noon’s will be an adequate hour – as parents tend to have a small break every now and then when their toddler is sleeping.


Are you selling an FMCG product to an adult target instead? Morning and evening peak hours might be better. Your target audience will be commuting at that time. There are several studies, which are giving you advice. However, we suggest that you gain your own experience and see explore when your target is around most. Start posting on different hours and see which one gets the highest CTR.





4. How do I measure the success of social media?


The success of social media marketing is harder to measure than other online marketing methods. That being said, in the content strategy (see question 1) you wrote down your social media objectives. A list of what you’re trying to achieve from your social media efforts. Depending on your objectives, you can read the success out of analytics. In most of the cases, social media tools themselves provide some form of analytics. But you can also subscribe to a social media management tool.


Here are some of the most common KPI’s company measure:

  • Growth of follower
  • Likes and shares of your post/tweet
  • Mentions
  • Number of Purchases
  • Newsletter subscriptions



5. Is social media making customer service redundant?


Social media has become a very popular channel for a customer to vent their frustrations. It is not making a traditional customer service redundant, but it is completing it. Please do actively monitor your comments and interact rapidly with your clients. If you‘re neglecting that, a simple bad comment can turn out into an affecting shit-storm. Try by any means to turn bad experiences into positive outcomes.



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6. Which social media platform should I be on?


Nowadays there are numerous Social Media platform. However, it is common to be on Facebook, Twitter and Google +. If your product or service is within HR it is also recommendable to be on LinkedIn and Xing (for the DACH region) too.


If your product is visually appealing, consider Instagram and Pinterest.



7. Is it ok to post the same content on different social media channels?


Yes, it is. Different social media channels have a different type of followers. Users are expecting that you multiple-post your content on different channels and they are rarely following the same brand on a number of networks.

And by the way, you can also recycle content. Check out our five ways to do this.


Social media marketing is a time consuming but essential task for your business. We hope that the answers to those seven FAQs help you get started and implement the right strategy.

If you need help with finding, scheduling and posting relevant content to your selected platforms, check out our social media management tool. It will make your daily social media activities a lot easier!



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