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Mobile messaging has been gathering momentum of late and in 2016 it’s now the hot topic around conversational commerce. So popular, in fact, that there is even a hashtag for it: #ConvComm.


Mobile messaging has now become a daily part of our lives. Messaging apps and notifications are becoming our main channels of conversation on the smartphone and our primary way for comms within our own personal networks.



WhatsApp can be thought of as a hub of thought streams and conversations and Group chats.

Quite simply, it’s SMS messaging on steroids.



Mobile Messaging with WhatsApp


The most important thing about WhatsApp for example is its immediacy and speed at which it delivers messages.


WhatsApp is intimate and provides a quick, direct channel without having to open another app and enter in email addresses and clicking on a send button. WhatsApp minimises all these steps. WhatsApp is a better version of email.


Today’s internet products also need to become completely UX/UI centered. The user experience counts for a great deal of interaction now online.


Everything has to be INSTANT

More than that it appeals to our instant demand for everything online.


Instant downloads, Insta-gram, instant videos and pictures, instant connections, instant communications. Literally Insta everything.

WhatsApp completely and absolutely appeals to our short term animal instincts that are inherent in us as human beings and also our laziness.



The user experience that goes with this type of communication needs to be great. Awesome in fact.

Patience may indeed be a virtue but maybe that is more applicable to a life offline today. Ever decreasing attention spans and the drive for novelty are part of the human condition that need to be catered for in today’s online world and way of life.


WhatsApp already hit over the one billion mark back in February of 2016. With the purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook and the addition of their 900 million users they can expect a reach of over two billion people through both the platforms.


While Facebook already brings a close connection between its Facebook pages for business and their customers, WhatsApp brings it to the next level of immediacy and real time communications. WhatsApp brings the relationship between customers and potential customers online that one step closer.


It becomes a direct channel to the customer and you can consider it like a push notification for an App.



Wanted Vs SPAM


IM platforms, Text messaging and communications have always been popular on the Net. Even since the early days of the Net. Gartner anticipates that by 2019, requests for customer support through consumer mobile messaging apps will exceed requests for customer support through traditional social media.



2016 WhatsApp Stats


Whatsapp in numbers
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B2C Marketing
Personal Messages | Group Chats | Broadcast Lists


All industry use cases have shown a keen interest for consumers to interact directly with brands. It is proving to be a direct channel of engagement. WhatsApp makes for faster and deeper immediate connections, more than email can ever achieve.


WhatsApp marketing has been used in a number of businesses from Vogue to the Huffington Post who have used it to drive engagement and customer user interaction. Vogue has used the platform to engage their customers with images posted from live events and have found a very successful user engagement with content pushed out this way on social media for their subscribers.



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