Granted it seems strange in a blog that is primarily pro-tech focused to suggest we should disconnect from technology and practise mindfulness! Turn off my phone?!?! Me?! No way….


However after a recent interview with mindfulness guru Lillian Guntsche whom has worked in the technology sector for over 10 years as a digital strategist, we really have begun to ponder how good it would be to just switch off for a little bit.



Mindfulness  with Lillian Guntsche


In the first episode of Stories by Onlim, Lillian talks about how we have too many “tabs open in our mind”, and that sometimes in the past she just couldn’t hear herself anymore. Therefore she began an initiative into mindfulness with her blog


Does this ring true with you? Do you have too many tabs open in your mind? It has become all too common that we are doing a thousand things at once.



What if we had time to go back to single tasking, giving all of our focus to just one task and doing it the best we can, before moving on to the next one!


There are many ways you can, not just disconnect from technology, but also have mindfulness in the work place. Wouldn’t it be great to have more effective meetings because focus is stronger, or to have a completely uninterrupted lunch break….? Yes please!


Stories by Onlim #1

Check out Lillian’s fantastic interview in the first instalment of Stories by Onlim:


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