Creating an account on Twitter is fairly easy. Everyone can decide on a Twitter handle, upload a picture and fill out the bio. Getting your brand message across in 280 characters and using your Twitter account to support your business goals, is a totally different story.


As always with social media, a long-term social media strategy is due. On Twitter this should result in a stronger and better communication with your followers. If you do it right, your twitter marketing efforts can be very successful and beneficial to the growth of your sales and company.


Many of your processes and posting schedules can be made a lot more efficient through automation. That’s why Onlim offers an awesome tool to you that will make your Twitter growth a lot easier.



Twitter is a grand open discussion – Be a part of it!


Let’s take a look at the basics first. What exactly are you trying to achieve with your marketing efforts on Twitter? You might be trying to sell more of your products or services. To manifest this intention, you have to know how your Twitter profile can help you to do so.


hashtag meme


Twitter is the perfect social network for you to quickly and directly engage with your followers. On Twitter you are not only connected to your Fans but the whole world is always only one hashtag away. You are part of the grand discussion of what is happening in this world. Sharing your expertise, insights or humorous perspective on things will draw a lot of attention to you that you can use for promotion.


Being a total beginner or a seasoned pro there is always something new to learn on this very dynamic platform. That’s why we have put together some effective tips for you to further your Twitter strategy and take it to the next level.



The most important tips and tricks for your Twitter marketing strategy


Twitter may seem to be a bit confusing at the start but in reality, you do not need a quantum physics degree to be successful on there.


Find new followers and connect with them

  • Add all important leaders from your industry
  • Connect with authors that have already created viral and amazing content
  • Retweet and comment content of other profiles
  • Find people through hashtags that are relevant to your line of business
  • Add competitors, to see what they are up to
  • Never buy followers – this is a given! ❌❌❌


Whenever you are following someone else there is the possibility for them to follow you too. Even if they don’t, you have stepped into the conversation and can always be an active part of it now.


You need to optimise your Twitter profile

  • Use a simple and relevant Twitter handle
  • Fill out your bio with the right hashtags and keywords for your industry
  • Pin important tweets, they are the first thing followers see on your profile
  • Cross-post to other social media networks


The better you have set up your profile, the easier you can be found. Establishing clear structures and information will help you turn followers into customers.



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Social interactions and user engagement are key to your success

  • Break the ice – say hi to your new followers and be social
  • Ask the important questions, don’t be afraid to be polarizing. Being boring does nothing.
  • Share important events from your industry
  • Stay on it and relate to trending topics and content
  • Try to engage at least 3 people a day – that’s 1000 conversations within a year


Just sharing content because it’s the thing to do will not work. Always make sure to create and share relevant content with your audience. This is how you will spark real conversation. It never hurts to be pro-active in that.


Bonus Tip: Twitter Chats 👌

Twitter chats are events where industry and thought leaders come together to exchange ideas on a chosen topic. This is a great opportunity for you to connect with an already engaged audience. These chats are awesome to build connections and generate retweets, follows and likes. Try them!


What goals do you want to reach?

  • Engage with valuable and relevant followers. Only true fans are important. They are part of your success.
  • Keep the conversation going – tweet regularly
  • Interactions are your reason to be on Twitter
  • Retweets, replies and likes are your parameters for success


Every social media platform calls for a different strategy to be successful. Make sure to know what you are using Twitter for and adjust your strategy accordingly.



Plan out your efforts

  • Create a content schedule and plan your tweets
  • Create to-do list to become more organised
  • Use the right tools to be more efficient


Just diving right into posting on Twitter can work but it is always better to approach this endeavour with a proper social media strategy. Having a social media marketing plan will help you a lot along the way.

Twitter doesn’t need to be very complicated but can still be very valuable. Share relevant content and actively engage. Keeping this and our tips for mastering Twitter marketing in mind, will help you to create a successful strategy and profile on Twitter.