LinkedIn is the biggest social network for professionals. Colleagues can interact with each other and companies can connect with their current and potential future employees.


It’s built to share content and by doing so engage in an active discourse about topics, thereby building a strong community of like-minded individuals. LinkedIn holds great potential to establish yourself as an expert and thought leader in your industry.


The social network for professionals has around 500 million users. Providing an undeniable reach that comes with some very specialised aspects.



LinkedIn is a special kind of social network


Compared to other social platforms LinkedIn is mainly helping individuals and companies to interact and connect on a professional level. This causes a very specialised focus as the general audience is joining the conversation with a certain focus in mind already.


While you will find everything, ranging from cat pictures to political news, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you will have a different experience on LinkedIn.




We will go into detail on how you can make the most of your presence on LinkedIn in this article. Enabling you to stand out from the over 3 million other company profiles. Utilising the right social media marketing strategy, you will be able to target a very selected audience and grow your profile.



This is how you make use of the full potential of LinkedIn

Set up a complete profile

Your profile is the first thing anyone will see of your company. So, make sure to make a good first impression.


  • Write a unique and engaging description of your company
  • Have your company logo be prominently visible
  • Use the right keywords for your profile to be found faster
  • Introduce your most important products and services
  • Reviews and testimonials are helpful


Once the profile is ready you can start creating awesome content.


Education comes first

In your content creation and curation, you want to give the most educational value possible to your audience.


  • Publish articles with new and unique input
  • Answer important questions that come up in your industry
  • Relate to problems that are relevant to your audience
  • Avoid direct marketing and promoting product


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Utilise visual content

It’s no news anymore that images should be a part of any content strategy.


  • Use as much visual content as possible
  • Charts, Infographics or presentations are all viable options too
  • Integrate images not your profile as well


Videos are very important today

Moving images are the key success factor for any social media strategy.


  • They make your brand more personable and emotionally approachable
  • It is a good way to present your expertise
  • Testimonial videos are a viable option, to show how your service has helped people already


Stay consistent in your posting

Yesterday’s news are yesterday’s news. Build your social media content strategy in a way that you stay relevant and fresh.


  • Post consistently
  • Up-to-date and relevant
  • See new trends coming up
  • Become a reliable source in your industry


Use the tagging option

Draw attention to your posts by linking people on them.


  • If you tag someone in your content it will come up in their feed
  • Citing someone in your article, it might be a good idea to tag them
  • This person might share your content too and amplify your reach



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Let your co-workers be a part of it

Posting content on LinkedIn should be a joined effort by the whole team.


  • Everyone has a unique perspective on relevant topics
  • Sharing different viewpoint makes your company more approachable to a wider audience
  • Having some personality shine through your communication is an important aspect of any social media efforts


Make use of LinkedIn’s promotional tools

Depending on your budget it might not make sense to promote every single post. Some content might be worth pushing a little though.


  • Have you created a masterpiece of outstanding and unique content – go ahead and promote it
  • If many of your connections have liked it a bigger audience might fancy the information too



Create your own group

This is how you can directly interact with people. Establishing yourself as the leader and expert on a certain topic.


  • You have to be, and stay committed
  • Find a unique and interesting name for the group
  • Stay relevant
  • Share content from other interesting sources
  • No self-promotion


As you can see creating a successful LinkedIn profile does not have to be hard. Doing so will take some time and effort. But if you are focusing on the right aspects you will have a very target-group-specific and effective social media channel at your disposal.