Customer Service Without Live Chat Is Outdated

By Published On: July 2nd, 2019Categories: live chat

Guest post by Florian Fratzscher, freelance writer & digital creative. 




Hi, my name is Florian and I am a digital native. Digital natives are people that have been using the internet ever since its inception and are living fully digital lifestyles. For us, the internet is an integral part of our everyday lives.


I am working online, my entertainment is online, I talk to people online, and I do almost all my shopping online. My life is digital in many ways and I have very clear ideas and expectations about how things should work online so that I can enjoy them.


Just a few months ago, I moved back to Germany from Asia and since then I had to take care of many things to reintegrate. I had to communicate with government agencies, set up internet contracts, build my online business, find an apartment, fully furnish the place, and get the right clothes for the German winter.


I did all those things online which gave me quite a few insights into the state of online customer service. Let me share my most interesting experiences with you.



Your customers are using chat!


Dealing with many different online organizations I had quite a few experiences that ranged from amazing to awful. Many of them came down to the way customer requests are handled.


I want to give you some more insights into my way of communicating, so you can understand my needs a bit better. Almost all my communication is done by text. I use WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to talk to friends and I use email for work purposes. Phone calls are something I only do on rare occasions and preferably with good friends and family only.


This is my comfort zone of communication; it is how I like it and how I want to communicate online. On top of my text-based communication style, I mostly use my smartphone, so I need mobile solutions that fit my lifestyle.




The disappointing reality of customer service


It’s always interesting to see how things change when I step out of my perfectly adjusted digital environments into the public online spaces. This is what I do when I want to buy a product or service.


Many things work quite differently here. Sending a few lines as a text to a service agent when I have a question is not possible most of the time. Instead of me being greeted pro-actively by someone through chat, most businesses are still hoping that their website will passively create income for them without building a personalized experience for me.


As a customer, I am on my own most of the time and have to research for hours (!) at times to answer a silly little question. How much fun this is doesn’t need to be explained to any business owner. It is comparable to the mixed feeling of confusion, frustration, and anger you experience in a physical store where no employee can be found to help you out.


Creating negative feelings like these for your customers must be avoided at all costs. A hidden email contact in the footer or a phone number I can call where I have to wait on hold for 10 minutes is not the right approach to modern customer service either.




Live chat for customer service is the solution


I am used to getting a reply to my messages within seconds. Immediacy of communication is one of the most important factors in my life. In a world where I can get, order, or stream anything on demand, I expect customer service to be the same. If that’s not the case frustration will come up and I’ll take my business elsewhere.



There is no need for complex solutions to cater to my needs. Integrating a live chat button into the lower right corner of a website or app does the trick for me. This way I can talk to customer service whenever I want. The button being accessible is quite important to me too, because having to go through layers of menus is confusing and takes too much time.


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When using a live chat I want as much attention as possible to be able to sort out my problem quickly. 30 seconds are the longest time I am willing to wait to be greeted or receive an answer otherwise it feels too long. When talking to a customer agent I want to be acknowledged and personally cared for instead of being fed automated responses only.




More businesses need to use live chats for customer service


Time and time again, I’m surprised by how few businesses are using adequate live chat solutions for their customer service. Many times, there is no live chat available and if so, it is lacking in response times or support capabilities.


As a customer, I am looking for quick response times and need an easy to use live chat interface that makes my life easier. This is a big opportunity for businesses that take customer service seriously.





If you want to get your customer service with live chat right from the start, it makes sense to talk to an expert. Onlim is specialized in creating custom live chat and chatbot integrations for your specific needs and can help you get your live chat running in no time.

Click here to learn more about the different solutions and options that Onlim offers for your business. In my opinion, a customer service strategy without live chat simply doesn’t cut it anymore.




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