Is A Chatbot Right For Your Business?

By Published On: November 15th, 2018Categories: chatbots

The topic of chatbots is widely discussed in the corporate world and the benefits of bots are often praised from different sides. Especially as chatbots can improve the user experience and at the same time save costs.



A chatbot can answer inquiries 24 hours per day and help customers avoid long waiting times in queues of customer hotlines. And in case a problem can’t be solved by the bot, a human employee can take over at any time. Sounds good, doesn’t it?



Nevertheless, many other exciting technologies from Blockchain to Virtual Reality are evolving rapidly and are already being used successfully by companies.



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The question is, when’s the time to implement which technology and how can your business benefit accordingly? Today, we take a closer look at the chatbot technology and some key questions that will help you determine whether or not a chatbot can really pay off for your business.




Which companies should use a bot?


At first, you should think about which tasks your bot should be built for. If you have a clear understanding of this, it is much easier to judge if a bot is a technology that can add value to your company.


In general, chatbots are suitable for many tasks. First of all, they are well-known to be able to provide excellent customer service. Many companies already use chatbots to answer questions about opening hours, return policy, the product range or other related topics.



Chatbots can also be used to send daily updates about news, the weather forecast or to support your team with simple office tasks such as scheduling meetings or conducting surveys. Here you can see some great examples of chatbots for marketing & sales.



The industry in which you operate only plays a minor role. Chatbots are suitable for a wide variety of industries. Whether or not a chatbot makes sense for your company depends on other factors, such as the number and type of customer inquiries as well as the conducted tasks and the communication habits of your customers.




How to find out if you need a chatbot



The following five questions will help you to find out if a chatbot can be worthwhile for your business.



How often does your company have direct customer contact?


The amount of customer inquiries usually depends on your industry. In general, companies in the B2C sector receive a significantly higher number of customer inquiries than companies from the B2B sector. The higher the number of customer inquiries, the more likely a chatbot can significantly relieve and support your customer service team.




Does your customer service receive recurring requests frequently?


Besides the number of requests, the type of requests is important, too. If you frequently receive recurring requests, such as questions about opening hours, return conditions, or the status of your order, a chatbot can be of great help. With its help, you can automate repetitive, boring tasks so that your customer service team can take care of the really important tasks.




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How intensive are your customer requests?


Another important factor that needs to be considered is the support intensity of the inquiries. If the inquiries are simple questions that can be answered within a few minutes, then chatbots are a good choice. On the other hand, if the queries are more complex, they usually have to be answered by human employees. Optionally, a combination of a bot and human employee can be a good choice. The first contact can be made via chatbot and it can forward more complex queries accordingly.




Which communication channels do your customers prefer?


What’s the preferred communication channel of your target group? Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and try to understand how they like to communicate. Is it email or phone or rather Messenger channels and website chats?







What added value can a chatbot create for your business?


At this point, we come back to the definition of tasks. Think about which tasks the chatbot should fulfil and whether a chatbot can perform these tasks better or more efficiently than the current solution in your company. Even if your business does not receive a large number of customer inquiries, using a chatbot can be worthwhile. For example, it can support your team internally with simple office tasks.



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