It’s a mystery how priorities change in business. I mean, just a decade ago, companies were scrambling to have websites to thump their online authority but that has since changed. Chatbots are rapidly taking over nearly every online customer service activities and individuals who defy the emerging innovation are quickly being edged out of business.


Before we go further into the discussion about the chatbots’ influencers and predictions for 2018, it’s paramount that we find out what chatbots mean.


They’re software programs with the Artificial Intelligent that have settings to receive and respond to messages the way a human does but more specific. Chatbots have different settings but all achieve their objective of bringing a ‘human-like’ conversation with customers.


With the results of chatbots clearly fostering the relationship between business owners and their customers, it’s important to know the individuals who have spurred the ‘digital revolution’ together with their plan for the year.



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Here is a section of the innovators who have purposed to leave an indelible mark in ensuring that communication between businesses and customers are instantaneous.



Predictions for chatbots in 2018 from 4 industry influencers


Alex Attinger, Founder of SOCIAL.LIMITED

With improved conversational interfaces, he believes that the use of chatbots is likely to rise. He foresees a situation where companies will try to kill three birds with one stone once the said companies adopted the use of sophisticated Artificial Intelligence.



He emphasizes the fact that chatbots haven’t been brought to replace human but to take to the next level by reducing the gap between consumers and businesses. He predicts that the changes in the Facebook Messenger are likely to make the most popular social media to become a web page where brands get recognition.


Mikael Yang, Founder of ManyChat

He expects that bots will bring major changes in 2018 thereby shoving other communication means such as SMS, email and push massages to the periphery. He sees chatbots grow from the adoption stage to a position where the technology will punctually target more than 1 Million early users. 


According to him, the transition to AI will be made easier after Facebook has developed tools that will entice and glue businesses to the technology. The behavioral marketing will change causing people to abandon offline communication and commit to prompt online platforms.


Snapchat is another medium that he thinks will nourish the technology beyond its infancy stage. However, he expects the transition will only face lesser hitches should the major industry players such as Wix, Chimpmail, and Shopify take the matter and help raise the funds for the growth.



Tiago Paiva, the CEO of Talkdesk

He disagrees with the innovators of the technology and he thinks that it will take a long time for the much-anticipated transition to take place. He gives massive hope to people in the call center industry who live with the fear that their roles will be soon taken by the robots.


Paiva believes that AI has no place in the current business communications and cannot cause any meaningful disruption in the industry due to lack of flexibility. Besides, he thinks that the innovation cannot solve any problem as it only deals with pre-defined issues.


What about empathy? He thinks that the primitive bots can never satisfy the feelings and emotions of the customers that they engage in conversations. He’s confident that an agent-customer conversation is what can solve the ever-emerging business problems as well as imparting empathy.


Jin Tanaka, Founder of Xpresso and Foxsy

The stage is finally set for bots to take over the conversation between businesses and customers. Jin Tanaka reckons that 2016 was tumultuous but 2017 offered the learning experience thus putting us at the prospect of booting the expensive and time-consuming means of communications.


According to him, chatbots have no favorites because it offers equal learning opportunities to all the players. The knowledge that the stakeholders garner will most likely lead to the rise of a new ecosystem that blends both social and business aspects of lives.


Final word

It seems as if we have reached the threshold to replace the old form of communication with the swift technology that’s powered by AI.


In fact, numerous research show that people spend more time on chatbots than they do with newsfeeds in social media. The recent changes that Facebook Messenger initiated are catalysts that won’t allow innovation to fail.


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