Artificial Intelligence is not a new concept. Many companies are already implementing different AI layers into products we are using every day. Smartphones, search engines, and Big Data are all almost unnoticeably enmeshed in our lifestyles making use of artificial intelligence in their own way.


Nevertheless the real inclusion of AI into our businesses and day to day realities is still to come. Once this happens on a large scale, experts are expecting that we are going to experience a ‘Digital Revolution’ similar to the ‘Industrial Revolution’ of the 19th and 20th century.



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What’s all the fuss about?


AI is different to other significant inventions and upcoming technologies. It is bringing up the challenge of establishing new boundaries in our comparison of humans and machines. Is Artificial Intelligence going to help create new business models and jobs that have not existed before? Or will it develop scenarios of hardship where intelligent devices are taking over and leave humans behind?


artificial intelligence system


Comparable to the impact of electricity, computer technology or the internet itself, AI is about to become one of the most critical technologies of the next few decades. Until then it will take some time to be fully integrated into businesses and their processes.


A new kind of collaboration

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, new connections and collaborations in-between humans and machines are going to be developed. For this kind of collaboration, the framework still has to be set and is going to be one of the significant challenges companies will have to face.


A few key factors will be imminently crucial to asses when implementing successful AI strategies.


Mentality: Work is going to be re-evaluated in the process of machines being able to fulfil almost any task humans can solve right now. In collaborative efforts, humans and machines can help each other and benefit from each other’s specialised skill sets. Not only automating processes but creating specific solutions for the individual needs of businesses.


Experimentation: New possibilities have to be evaluated. A phase of testing will be the way to go ahead. In which ways can AI be beneficial or even be able to develop itself further?


Responsibility: Artificial Intelligence is based on many very advanced technologies working together. It is going to be very important for humans to still understand what is going on and keep control over the processes. Taking moral and ethical responsibility for the actions of AI.


Data: The use of AI builds on the analysis of large amounts of data. This data will need curation in ways that AI can access it efficiently.


Skills: For humans and machines to be able to understand each other there will have to be a lot of training of staff involved. Ultimately a new way of communication has to be learned.



Artificial Intelligence Trends in Companies


Not all of the trends we are going to cover are fully established by now, but they are on their way to a broader implementation into the processes of many businesses.


AI influences on employers are stronger than on employees

The whole workspace is going to be influenced. For now, businesses should be focusing on connecting different departments and their processes to make them available for AI systems.



AI is simplifying work

Complex processes are automated and streamlined. AI finds patterns and trends that a human brain would not be able to process. Dull and repetitive tasks are taken over by AI, leaving human capacities to focus on more cognitively challenging tasks.


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AI is making data analysis easier

There is no need for data to be indexed by humans anymore. Intelligent solutions can read text documents by themselves – getting better with every read through.


AI empowered employees

To take advantage of everything AI has to offer employees need thorough and ongoing training.


AI changes cybersecurity

Companies are entering a new phase of cybersecurity, where smart programs can attack and defend themselves. An arms race between “benevolent” and “malevolent” is already in the making.


AI has potential dangers

General codes of conduct are being explored. If left without control and insight AI could spiral out of control. Nobody wants a “Terminator scenario” where machines take over the world.



Creating Artificial Intelligence has been one of the big dreams of computer science, and we are nearing the first truly intelligent machines. Most likely they will not be smarter than humans but work on different levels of intelligence. In that way, both humans and computers will be complimenting each other in business development with their unique skillsets.


Many exciting potentials are coming up with the advent of AI, and we are still only on the brink of large scale implementations. In the years to come our world and the way we work and do business will change fundamentally – in many ways due to AI making its mark.


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Would you like to automate your customer communication?

I’m happy to discuss your requirements and show you the advantages of our AI chatbots in an online demo.

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Going To Influence And Shape Businesses