9 Essential Facts About Live Chats

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Successful businesses have one thing in common – satisfied customers. The better the relationship to the customers the better a business is usually doing. Customers are willing to spend their money when they feel welcome, heard, and understood. This is how they turn into long-term brand advocates and loyal fans of a brand.


Besides social media, phone, and email, live chats have become a great customer service channel.


Let’s look at some essential facts about live chats and find out what they could do for your customer service strategy.



Most important facts about live chats that you should know


First impressions matter

Interacting with a business for the first time is a make or break moment for many customers. It only takes a few seconds to make up our mind about liking someone or not. That’s why the first impression is so important. Having an integrated live chat feature helps to establish a personal connection from the very second a customer arrives on a website.



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Real-time communication

Customers love attention and immediate answers to their questions. For this very reason, email is becoming more and more outdated as a customer service option as it just takes too long. When customers visit a website, ready to make a purchase, they don’t feel like waiting for a few hours for an answer. They want to make a decision or purchase right NOW.

Live chats enable real-time conversations that help answer inquiries and any follow-up questions within seconds.



Reduced costs

Supporting customers by phone is a costly endeavor. Depending on the number of phone inquiries thousands of Euros can easily be spent on a monthly basis. Rent, a workplace, and salaries for service agents must be paid before even one single customer can receive help. With live chat options, businesses can cut spending through more efficient processes and reduced costs for personnel.



Saves time

No matter which industry we are talking about, improved productivity always helps business growth. This is where live chats shine because they can take care of customer inquiries within seconds. Data analytics show that it only takes 23 seconds for a conversation with a customer agent to be initiated about 45 seconds to resolve a problem. No customer service channel can keep up with that kind of efficiency.



Better customer relationships

If a business is willing to engage in a real conversation with their customers, a new way of interaction opens up. This is how authentic relationships can be built.

Live chats enable a fully supported customer journey and assistance with every step of the decision-making process. This helps to create trust and long-term relationships.



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Generate more revenue

Having a live chat on a website can optimize conversions. Customers don’t even have to use the live chat feature but knowing that they could get help at any stage of their purchase creates trust. For customers that have used the chat feature higher sales have been reported.



Higher customer satisfaction rates

Having to wait too long is one of the main reasons for bad customer experiences. Once a business has disappointed with bad customer service like long waiting times or being put on hold forever, it’s hard to make a comeback. Live chats help to speed up processes and can even be used to collect email addresses to then send out further emails after a conversation. This is a smart way to enhance customer satisfaction.



Customers love multitasking

Online shopping has become a favorite past time activity for many people. The convenience of it enhances the user experience, but it also makes real-time customer service essential.  Any questions or problems that come up during online shopping can be solved best with a live chat. More than 50% of customers state that they love live chats as it allows them to do other tasks at the same time.





Better customer support management

With the right live chat solution, multiple chats can be served at the same time. Enabling customer support to help more than one client simultaneously. Some live chat integrations can connect to phone calls or process data transfers.



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9 Essential Facts About Live Chats
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