Chatbots for HR: Save your team time and $$

By Published On: August 7th, 2019Categories: conversational ai in hr


A new generation of workforce is about to enter the work environment – Artificial Intelligence. AI will have an enormous effect on how humans are working with each other and most importantly with machines.

It’s not just about businesses recruiting more and more artificially intelligent machines. With digitalization and automation moving ahead, machines will start to play a big role in HR management and recruiting as well.


How can AI and chatbots support HR?

Some HR departments might be a bit skeptical and maybe afraid of the changes that chatbots and AI will bring. Yet, there’s nothing to fear about as they are here to help. It’s simply about helping HR employees to take care of their every-day tasks in less time. Allowing them to focus on more strategic work as opposed to some more mundane tasks.


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Even today chatbots are already helping HR with recruiting, training, and administrative tasks. Especially due to human resource management’s central role for business, the technological advancements in this department have a huge influence on the whole organizational structure.


Use cases for chatbots in human resource management


Answering questions about an open position, explaining how the application process works, and taking care of job interviews are central tasks for HR. These tasks take up a lot of time. That’s where chatbots for HR can come in handy as they can take care of first-round applications by analyzing them and checking if they are a good fit and fulfil skill requirements.

Employee training

Using chatbots, internal training can be streamlined and turned into a more interactive experience. Employees can ask questions at any time and get answers to their specific problems. Furthermore, they can learn at their own pace and decide when they are best equipped to extend their knowledge.

Onboarding new employees

Not only existing employees can benefit from chatbot. They are especially helpful when it comes to onboarding new team members. They can help new workers learn about internal processes and compliances or give insights on the goals and deliverables of their new position. Thereby saving a lot of time for HR that can be used to focus on interpersonal management and team building.


Employees spend a lot of time looking for answers to simple questions and it is often just a matter of knowing where to look. A chatbot makes this process a lot easier as it is a central hub to answer any company-related questions. Employees get the information they need a lot quicker, saving time while increasing productivity.

Internal communication

Effective communication is key for any business venture. Not being able to manage it successfully, will lead to frustrations and failures. Smart HR chatbots can support your internal communication and help to distribute information, advise and feedback efficiently.

Appointments and planning

The never-ending back and forth when trying to agree on the right time of a meeting might feel like an unavoidable dance teams encounter. Yet, with chatbots, these processes can be streamlined by using simple text prompts to get an overview of open time slots and book meetings without further email correspondence.


Chatbots, voice assistants and AI,

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Examples for effective HR chatbots

West Monroe Partners

At West Monroe HR chatbots are used to take care of minor tasks. Rosie the Robot and HAL 9000 help employees with data entries and retrievals. They are a great example of one of the main use cases for existing chatbots. Where they act as virtual assistants that take off the workload of simple and repetitive tasks to allow human employees to focus on their strengths and more value-generating tasks.

Nestle Chatbot

For companies the size of Nestle, it is all about structuring data in a way that makes sense and creates easy access for team members. Chatbots allow for a connection of information without having to use multiple apps. Thereby, simplifying complex IT-structures, that enable HR departments to structure and use information more efficiently.

Chatbots for HR are all about helping with efficiency because they can be used combining multiple channels. Creating better processes and connections between employees and their specific tasks.

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