Chatbots for HR: How To Increase Employee & Candidate Satisfaction

By Published On: May 21st, 2021Categories: conversational ai in hr


Artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots in particular have established themselves in a wide variety of industries and business areas over the past few years. AI is also expected to make HR management easier and faster.

An HR chatbot can provide tremendous support for employees and a seamless experience for applicants. The digital assistants are already being used in many areas. Starting with the initial contact and recruiting, through onboarding, to training and employee support. Not only can chatbots save the HR team a lot of time, but the greater efficiency is also associated with considerable cost savings.

In this article, we take a closer look at the numerous benefits as well as some possible applications and concrete examples of HR chatbots.


What are the benefits of HR chatbots?

Some HR departments might be a bit skeptical and maybe afraid of the changes that chatbots and AI will bring. Yet, there’s nothing to fear about as they are here to help. On the one hand, the use of chatbots is about supporting HR employees in completing their daily tasks more quickly in order to focus on more strategic work as opposed to mundane tasks. On the other hand, chatbots can increase applicant satisfaction by simplifying information gathering and various processes. 

Some benefits of chatbots in HR management:

  • 24/7 availability: Whether it’s a query about applicant status or remaining vacation days, the chatbot serves interested parties and employees around the clock, without any waiting times.
  • Automation of repetitive inquiries: With chatbots, you use your human resources efficiently. From now on, frequent and repetitive inquiries will be handled for you by the chatbot or even a voice assistant. 
  • Increased interaction rate with potential applicants: Interact with your applicants from the beginning and accompany them proactively and automated along the entire application process.  
  • Increased HR team productivity: Employees can dedicate themselves to more complex tasks with the help of HR chatbots and thus increase your team’s productivity in internal as well as external processes. 
  • Efficient data collection: The Conversational AI assistants not only interact with candidates or employees but can also collect important data and integrate it with existing systems if needed.  
  • Cost reduction: By using resources efficiently and automating the right process points, chatbots not only save time but also costs.
  • Increased employee & applicant satisfaction: You free your employees from unpleasant tasks and improve the interaction between your company and applicants – the increased satisfaction comes naturally when implemented correctly.

Human resource management plays a central role in business. Therefore, the technological advancements in this department have a huge influence on the whole organizational structure. Implementing innovative technologies successfully in HR will have a positive impact on the rest of your company.


Use cases for chatbots in human resource management


Answering questions about a vacancy, explaining the application process, and arranging job interviews are key tasks for HR. However, these tasks take up an enormous amount of time. Chatbots can take some of them over, especially in the first steps. They can provide applicants with information, answer questions, accept applications and transfer them into their own systems.

Onboarding new employees

HR employees know how time-consuming it is to train new employees. The same questions are asked over and over and the same processes are explained. This is where an internal chatbot can provide great support. HR chatbots can, for example, educate new employees about internal processes and policies. They can also provide onboarding materials, or shed light on set goals and expectations of the position. This saves a lot of time for the HR team. This time can in turn be invested in interpersonal aspects of onboarding and team building.

Employee training

Chatbots offer an excellent medium for further training, and not just for new employees. With the help of digital assistants, conventional training programs for employees could be redesigned. Employees can ask questions at any time and get answers to their specific problems. Furthermore, they can learn at their own pace and you can collect direct feedback via the chatbot in order to gain better insights into the quality of the training and employee satisfaction.

Company-specific FAQs

Employees spend a lot of time looking for answers to simple questions. Often it is however just a matter of knowing where to look.  A chatbot makes this process a lot easier as it is a central hub to answer any company-related questions. Employees get the information they need a lot quicker, saving time while increasing productivity.

Internal communication

Effective communication is key for any business venture. Not being able to manage it successfully, will lead to frustrations and failures. Smart HR chatbots can support your internal communication and help to provide information, updates, assistance and feedback.

Appointments and planning

The never-ending back and forth when trying to agree on the right time for a meeting or finding an empty room has come to an end with chatbots. A simple text or voice request to the chatbot or voice assistant is all it takes to call up calendars and schedule meetings without further email correspondence.


Examples for effective HR chatbots

Rosie and Hal 900

Rosie the Robot and HAL 9000 help train new employees and facilitate data entry and queries. They are a great example of one of the main use cases for existing chatbots. The main purpose is to free up HR staff so they can focus on more value-added activities. The chatbot takes over simple routine tasks and humans take care of creative solutions and approaches for long-term business development.

Adesso’s a-bot

Adesso, a leading IT service provider in German-speaking countries, implemented a career chatbot to uplevel the experience of its applicants.

a-bot is available on the company’s careers page and answers questions about Adesso, about joining the company, and about the application process. Since Adesso’s chatbot is built on a knowledge graph, a-bot can also perform job searches with various parameters such as company division, career level, location, etc.


As you can see, HR chatbots help to increase efficiency and productivity. They can be used across multiple channels and simplify many internal as well as external processes which in turn increases employee and candidate satisfaction. 

If you are interested in a chatbot for HR to enhance your employees’ experience and save them time and money, arrange a free consultation.

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