Chatbots can have a number of different skills and perform a number of different tasks for organisations. It might have been mentioned before, but it is quite true, the use of chatbots is limited only by the humans that programme them.


Imagination and inventiveness will give rise to more and more functionality, but for today we are going to look at chatbots for e-commerce.



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Chatbots can handle sales and take payments, but why is this better than the current e-commerce system that you are currently using?



Chatbots Improve the User Experience (UX)


Getting your UX bang on is a vital part of successful branding and marketing.  It doesn’t matter how good your products are, if your customers are not able to interact with you in a seamless easy way, they will look elsewhere.

Small business often suffer from manpower shortages, which can leave customers frustrated.



If your customers have a question about an item, your chatbot can provide an answer instantly, even at 2am.



Smart Communication


Chatbots are able to assist in retention of customers.  Clever use of push messages, text message and emails can be structured into your chatbots, this means they are able to gently herd customers back to you. Either by offering a quick reminder or by pushing a perfectly timed special offer that encourages them to return.



Chatbots Never Sleep


One advantage of being a robot is that you do not need to sleep.  Chatbots can be there when you cannot, they are never tired and grumpy.

They are also capable of fielding hundreds of requests at the same time, so can potentially be handling hundreds of sales for you whilst you are tucked snuggly under your duvet.



Prevent Cart Abandonment


How annoying are cart abandonment figures?  It is so frustrating to see our potential customers leaving before they actually complete a sale.  They had added products to their shopping carts so what happened?


There are lots of reasons why cart abandonment happens, but one of the biggest is life.  The baby cries, the phone rings, or they suddenly realise school is ending.  Life just gets in the way sometimes.


Having a chatbot handling your sales means there is a virtual brain onboard to monitor what is happening.  If a cart is left, the bot can prompt the user with helpful reminders or offers of assistance should they be experiencing problems.



Saves on Staffing Costs


We know that a human resources bill is a big headache for small businesses.  You are striving to expand, so do you leave your current employees overloaded or do you take on more staff? Once you take on more staff you increase your bill, if sales do not remain high you are struggling to pay everyone.



Your business has expansion room without the immediate need for more staff – perfect.


In order to bring a chatbot online for your e-commerce you will need to ensure you have shopping cart integration.  This gives your chatbot access to the information it will need to retrieve to handle the customer UX with no glitches.  Stock levels, shipping terms, product details, etc.  All the things a customer will want to know.


However once your chatbot has been plugged into your shopping cart, you will wonder how you ever managed without an e-commerce chatbot on your team.



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Stefan Rehm

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Would you like to automate your customer communication?

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Would you like to automate your customer communication?

I’m happy to discuss your requirements and show you the advantages of our AI chatbots in an online demo.

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Arrange a consultation call