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The Huge Potential Of Chatbots For The Hospitality Industry

More and more industries use chatbots and automated systems to communicate with customers and enhance customer experience. Especially for the hospitality industry, the potential use cases of chatbots are numerous. The benefits of handing over repetitive and [...]

6 Best Practices For Destination Chatbots

            Chatbots driven by artificial intelligence have more than proven their capacities by now and are able to bring a lot of value to businesses and their customers alike. Both [...]

How Is AI Remodelling The Tourism Industry?

Anyone that has ever spoken the words “Hey Siri” or “OK Google” into their phone knows how to use voice assistants. These play an important role in an ongoing technological revolution. The revolution of digital [...]

5 Ways Voice Assistants Will Change The Tourism Industry

What are the most popular tourist attractions in the city? What transport options are available? And at what time is the checkout? While traveling countless questions and problems can come up that need to be answered or solved as [...]

Chatbots For Hotels: Enhance Your Guest Experience