July 2018

Improve Your Marketing Strategy by Using Data Analytics

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Guest Post by Claudia Paisley Propp, Writer at Bizzmark blog   In the past, digital marketing was governed by people who made decisions based on their gut feeling.   Depending on their ability to empathize with the customer and see the bigger picture at the same time, this kind of decision-making process was more or less successful. [...]

June 2018

Content Creation As Easy As Pie – Say Whaaat!?

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Your team certainly knows that Content Marketing is important to attract potential customers and build a long-term relationship with them.   So far so good. You've already made an important step to create relevant content. But what are the next steps? And how can you find exciting ideas for your own content creation?   This [...]

May 2018

How To Avoid The Top 5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes

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It goes without saying that social media has not only become incredibly important, but it can actually make or break your business. Therefore, we have collected the top 5 social media marketing mistakes for you. And of course, also offer tips on how you can avoid them to run your digital marketing successfully.     [...]

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April 2018

How To Implement A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

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When implementing a successful content marketing strategy it's all about creating relevant content for the right target group.     But creating relevant content is not enough. A study published by the Content Marketing Institute shows that other factors such as distribution and analysis contribute to the success of content marketing significantly.   [...]

August 2016

6 Basics For Building Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Reading time: 5 minutes   Maybe you are about to get going with a start-up or small business and are just about to get ready for the huge and overwhelming sector that it is and the social media environment that comes with it?   It can be incredibly challenging to know where to start and [...]

Automated Social Media & Content Marketing with Onlim

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Your Smart Social Media & Content Marketing Tool!   Time is not what we get a whole lot of in today’s world. As the economy enters into a new era of being digitised it seems as if things are really starting to speed up. Onlim was created to save the small business owner time with [...]