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Benefits of Implementing Multilingual Chatbots

Guest post by Una Rouz. Una is a content specialist and AI enthusiast at DevTeam.Space  - a community of developers and development teams. According to recent research, 69% of customers prefer chatbots for quick communication [...]

3 Tips To Make Your Chatbot Conversations More Engaging

Have you ever become really desperate during a conversation with a chatbot? Unfortunately, this happens very often. Instead of quick and uncomplicated support, the user ends up with a chaotic conversation after which he feels just as [...]

Best Practices For Chatbots: 3 Things To Avoid!

Are you in the process of developing a chatbot for your company? Especially at the beginning, it is difficult to find your way through the flood of information and to know what best practices for chatbots are. [...]

5 Reasons Why Chatbots Fail

  Although more and more companies are using chatbots in their customer service, this does not imply that all of them are improving customer satisfaction and user experience. On the contrary. You often read about [...]

Voice Assistants, Chatbots, and AI – Don’t Miss Out!

The number of devices that are featuring and enabling voice assistants is consistently growing. Experts are expecting a growth of the market for digital assistants of up to $3.6 billion until 2020. This definitely reminds [...]

Benefits of Implementing Multilingual Chatbots